Hypertherm 45xp upgrade question

Good evening,

I am having a little trouble getting any feedback from hypertherm on what to do with this green wire.

The instructions that came with the cpc machine interface port don’t mention a second ground wire coming off the voltage divider board once. Also hypertherm sent me their instructions and don’t have it listed either. Was wondering if anyone has been through this upgrade and had the same issue?

Green with Yellow strip? or just Green ( hard to tell in your picture)

If this is the connection your refering too #13

I would connect it here. stacked with the existing ring.

here is more reference


here is the link to the service manual for the 45xp

45xp service manual

someone on here may have a factory installed one and could post pictures to verify?

Hope this helps, at your own risk.

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It’s just green, the green and yellow wire coming off the cpc port is mentioned in the install instructions.there is an additional green wire coming off of the voltage divider board with no mention of where to tie in to. Spoke with hypertherm and they keep referring me back to the green and yellow wire located at cpc port.

Pretty frustrating when parts aren’t even mentioned in install instructions :triumph:

That would be perfect, if anyone has pictures of the voltage divider board on their install, please post them.
I’m looking at a second green wire coming off the voltage divider board and where to place/anchor wire.

Additional Green wire is located on board with 2pin connector.

Service manual page 227 -229

Ground notes

3 bullet under input power

It is kit 428653 what you have?

Yes sir,

I made sure I had the right upgrade part with bakers and hypertherm

is this the manual you have?

CPC install manual

heres more information in case anyone else is playing along

Page 10
e. Put the voltage divider PCB ground wire on the ground stud .


i see the issue now 809940 | Revision 2 | July 2020.

so new part, old paperwork? they recently added that ground to that circut board . the old version did not have this.

I just recently put one in a hypertherm 65 and it had 2 ground wires.

Hypertherm must have made a change and the paperwork has not caught up.

you must have use kit Hypertherm 228697 Upgrade CPC port W/ selectable voltage divider board for that.

here a screen shot from the service manual for the 65 85

vd%20pcb%20hypertherm%20service%20manual%203%2020 85%2065%20vd%20hypertherm%201%20service%20manual%203%2019

showing no 2nd ground

here is a screenshot for the 45xp cpc manual where the ground been added

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Yeah the service guy just printed off the field service bulletin but it wasn’t overly complicated couple plugs couple grounds and a few screws.
I can see someone’s hesitation though if it isn’t showing in the directions to just hooking up things randomly don’t want to screw up that investment.

You guys are a huge help on here. Exactly right, it made sense to me to ground it back there, but with no mention of second ground wire on voltage board I wanted to make sure before frying something. This forum is proving to be extremely helpful🍻

I’ve been searching for 2 days online for an updated version, no luck. Where are you finding these instructions ? Just curious :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Wow. I was reading those pages just the other day… :stuck_out_tongue:
OMG, we’ve been taken over by guys who know what they’re doing!!!


I did a lot reading and keyword searching and was coming up short.

then I noticed the your PCB pic was different from the manual.


I ended up searching the model number off the circut board from your follow up pic.
223476 hypertherm


and I found that new field service bulletin.

But I just found this! hypertherm 45 xp support pageamazing this didnt come up in my earlier search.

here the link to the hypertherm product support page for all other models and updated information.

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Did you have to do any software updates along with that?

No update needed once you have it plugged in and grounded it gives you your divided arc and trigger wires at the cpc plug.

what device are you referring to?