Hypertherm Powermax 45XP without CPC Port Wiring Question

I have a Hypertherm 45XP without cpc port. I currently have it wired for my torch control for my OG XL Crossfire. When I bought my new Crossfire Pro Table I ordered the THC and the cables for connecting to the table. Cable listed below:

My Question is does anyone know the cpc port I need to order that I wire into my Plasma Cutter?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Since your machine does not have a cpc port factory installed you have two options.

  1. Install a cpc port on for 45XP and use the cables you bought to hook to the LS-THC
    this thread has some details and links

langmuir forum hypertherm-45xp-upgrade-question

Service Manual Page 108 - 110

  1. Install Raw voltage pigtails and use that method to the LS-THC and do not use the cables you bought.


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Thank you. I want to install the cpc port, but I can’t find the part number.

Hypertherm Upgrade Kit - CPC Port w/ Selectable Voltage Ratio - 428653

Hypertherm Upgrade Kit - CPC Port w/ Selectable Voltage Ratio - 428653

I believe this is what you are looking for but please double check with the seller.

Search “kit 428653” in google and there are quite a few vendors

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This is your support page for the Hypertherm 45XP

45XP Support Page

there is an exhausting amount of material about your machine.

Here is a link to the install manual for kit 428653

CPC 428653 install manual

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Thank you so much! :pray:t3:

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If you do end up choosing to go to the raw voltage route.

This PDF shows the factory locations where that voltage is taken from

45xp raw voltage terminals

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It looks like your question was answered, I just wanted to also put a quick reminder here that Hypertherm CPC ports will only function if you use a machine torch. If you use a hand torch, the CPC port will lock out.

Also, the voltage divider of this CPC port will have a selectable ratio. Be sure to set the voltage divider to 50:1 when using the LS-THC

Thank you!

Thank you for all your help. I really appreciate it.

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