MR-1 Fusion 360 machine builder

I was going through some fusion 360 videos on their YouTube page and I stumbled upon the machine builder.

Has anyone out there thought about taking up the challenge to build the MR-1 in the fusion 360 machine builder?

It would sure be cool to do your simulations with your jigs including the entire MR-1 machine.

Here is the first video in a series that could help someone enthusiastic enough to do this project.

Once it was done it could be shared and anyone could use it.


I was planning to do that once I get mine and get it assembled. I’m picking it up next Monday.


This would be epic, Langmuir likely has the entire machine model already in some software, I wonder if they would allow you to use that or if they plan to build it in fusion themselves?


I plan to model most of the major components individually before I start assembling, then I’ll just put them all together with joints in fusion. Some will have to wait until after concrete is in though. But I may simplify some of it so it will save some time/frustration. I’ll just see how it goes.


Sure would be nice if they shared that model. Clearly they have used F360 as they show how to use it.

Even more epic would be if they got the model and tools into the F360 libraries, or provided a download for them.

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I have a feeling they will not share, at least the whole detail model so its not so easy for someone to knock it off

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@langmuir-mike Do you guys plan to release a machine model?

Something dumbed down would be amazing for machine builder for all of us! we don’t need the design but a model with just the 3 axis and spindle would make everyone’s life a ton easier!


Here’s a rough model without motion limits and what not, but the dimensions should be very close.
MR-1 v1.f3d (357.1 KB)

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Here’s the ones with their published travels etc. One with the spindle in the upper position and one in the lower.
MR-1 as published limits spindle low pos.f3d (358.0 KB)
MR-1 as published limits spindle upper pos.f3d (357.1 KB)

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@Bill_A You’re the man Bill!

First try at the machine builder, not sure if the export worked correctly.
Langmuir Systems MR-1 machine builder.f3d (450.5 KB)

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Here’s a simple model of the Langmuir low profile vise.
Langmuir low profile vise.f3d (110.3 KB)


@Bill_A What did you do to the post processor to make it compatible with the machine simulation? Would it be possible to share a copy of it?

It stopped working after one of the updates and I haven’t played with it since.

If Langmuir would post simple .stl files of the main components we all could use them to make working machine simulations for the various CAM programs we use… hint hint @langmuir-daniel

We don’t need exact, specific dimensions or every component. Just analogs of the base/table, and primary moving structure.

@Dre I posted a model to the Facebook group.

I don’t have Facebook, though.