Live voltage is too high

I have multiple issues that I am in a mad rush to try and sort out. Here are the details of my issue concerning live voltage reading:

Running a Hypertherm 45 XP
45 amp consumables from Hypertherm dealer
75 deg. hand torch has been converted into a machine torch using many references in this forum.

I ran a test and this is what it said:

And then I took out the plug from the CPC port, retested and got this result:

THC-Test Report_11-09-2021_21-30 3.txt (209 Bytes)

Have you been cutting and just now experienced this problem or is this your initial setup?

Here are the first two you linked me from the other topic for context.
lf high volt 2
lf high volt 3

lf high volt 1

I screenshotted the txt file

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I have been cutting parts with moderate success. The cut quality is decent, but I suspect the minor issues going on would have to do with my live voltage. It also looks like there is a slight bevel on my cuts, but that could also be an optical illusion, I suppose. I might be being overly critical at the moment because I want to produce parts that people would want to spend their money on.

If the Hypertherm 45XP is set up with a CPC port you need to be using a machine torch or it will never work right.

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I converted my hand torch to a machine torch using this post:

Get a machine torch and it will work. Other wise do not use the CPC port and wire it direct in side the unit.

I guess I need to start saving for a machine torch. I don’t have an extra $600 to fork out right now.

Until then, I still want to keep designing, cutting, and selling some of my work. Do you have a resource as far as wiring internally (or advice). I am new to a lot of the wiring and configuring of these units and what not. Am I damaging anything in any sort of way by cutting with this live voltage issue?

is it possible that your hypertherm is outputting 20:1 voltage isntead of the requried 50:1? The outputted voltage sure makes it seem like its outputting 20:1.

The system takes the voltage inputted to the VIM and multiplies it up by 50 which is what is displayed in the live voltage DRO in firecontrol. 243 volts would suggest that 4.86 volts are being supplied from the plasma cutter to the VIM. I’d check that with a multimeter.

I am not sure. All of this is a new ball game for me. From my understanding, the Hypertherm 45 XP’s factory setting is 50:1. If it is in fact 20:1, how do I go about changing that?

How would I know that it is 20:1?

Do you know of any resources for this?

I looked at the pictures you posted of the CPC port plug and want to know why you have jumpers on it?

I am not quite sure what you’re referring to? The two white wires?

No the red and black wires.

It was the cable provided by Langmuir that I used to make into a cpc plug.

Did you put the red and black wires on that plug?

Yes, I did.

Well they shouldn’t be their. You should have 4 wires coming from the CPC plug to the Langmuir box. 2 are for the trigger and 2 a positive and a negative for the THC.