Limit Switch Homing Kit for CrossFire and CrossFire PRO is COMING!

@langmuirsystems from the info on the chart above my cut 60 was made december 2021, I hope that helps

Just adding in here for reference, i posted the videos on Facebook earlier. Im running the RW45, resistor mod done, and table runs fine on dry run. Once the torch fires, it throws a hard limit alarm during the first or second pierce. Blade connectors are tight, and firmware was installed last night around 4pm.
I was going to do the L1 mod when i did the switches, but it was already a solder bridge. I must have recieved mine right after batch 2.

I have an older hypertherm powermax 30 same deal as RRyerson., but I have not reinstaled firmware since Saturday night, mine fires once then quits. Worked fine on dry run.

@Andy1601 @gvellas @RRyerson

Just published the latest version of the firmware. Please update machine firmware from the FireControl Help menu and give this another run.

Appreciate your patience on this issue!


Will try tomorrow to cold tonight. UPDATE UPDATE updated firmware today and everything is working great. Thanks to everyone for fixing this quickly, this is why I bought, and would reccomend Langmuirsystems, also this forum is a great asset. Thank you all again. Merry Christmas.

@langmuirsystems the new firmware update solved all the issues, thank you for working so hard on it guys.


Another successful test!! Thanks for the prompt update guys!!

My limit switch kit (ordered 23 days ago…come on LS!) came in yesterday. I installed it this morning, I will have an installation video posted this afternoon. It seems like if you hit zero work axis anywhere other than machine home you have to re-home your machine to get that back corner again, is that correct? I mean there is no return to machine home button so unless you zero your work axis to the machine home it will lose machine home whenever you hit zero work axis.

If the limit switch and software is same as XR, you have work zero and home zero buttons to toggle. they are separate from one another when you zero.

It’s a long video at 40 minutes but there are time stamps in the description.


Great video, thank you

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If you zero all work axes when set on work, you are not zeroing machine home. if you want to go to home after cutting toggle from work to machine and hit home. hope this makes sense.

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excellent video! thank you sir!

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in the video it did not look like it reset your home when you zeroed work axis. it looks like the red outline stayed exactly the same…i think it maintains two sets of zeroes in memory. it did reset your crosshair but not the red outline. i havent installed mine yet but thats what i thought i saw on your video.

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That does make sense, when you toggle to machine the option to zero work axis is greyed out and unavailable until you toggle back to work. Now when you hit home on the “work” tab is it re-homing the machine or the work area?

The work on my Xr table.

I installed my LS kit, and got everything working fine. I then ran into an issue that v1.3ls firmware fixed. (homing the system would result in the z axis hitting a hard stop and the motor would continue to try and move against itself. Not good)
Everything had been fine until today. I attempted to cut a piece and the torch does not attempt to go down and zero the z-axis. It fires the torch in air well above the piece, and then takes the z-axis against a hard stop upward and stays there while attempting to fire again. It isn’t until the second fire that it realizes that there is no THC and then throws an error.

Anyone else experiencing anything like this?

Is your ihs switch stuck open? Is this new codes? Have you tried previously cut codes? Could be a cam issue.

Two other topics you might look at are: Y axis loosing it’s Mind! (Soft Limits?)

Windows 11 problems?

We have no confirmation whether these people fixed their issues but they might be related.

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Switch is not stuck, not new code.
Everything is functional manually. Did some checks on the THC voltage and all is good.