Learning SheetCAM

I just purchased SheetCAM as I am not a huge fan of the Fusion360 process. Are there any video tutorials that stand out as preferred and can be recommended? Lots of F360 tutorials here but no SC.

Arclight dynamics on you tube has a several part tutorial.


Those are the videos I used - they helped me a lot. I used the demo version while I was watching these, and once it made sense, I purchased a license.

What post processor did you use I scan not find one for Langmuir crossfire or fire control?

are you looking for the LS Firecontrol PP?
you need to download it from LS and apply it to the Sheetcam program.

go to Langmuir Main site and look in the download section.

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KSiegel…this helped me as well. thanks. i just downloaded and bought Sheetcam the other day ago.

thank you so much got me cutting now!!!
i did not see that download for that i thought it was missing to excited i guess…

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Dont have my table yet, but I have been playing with sheetcam and i like it. The tutorials by arclite dymanics are great.


Witch demo version of sheetcam do we download the stable version or the development version after we buy the license?

I think both have all functions unlocked, but without the license you have a limited number of lines of code.

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I stick with the stable version - since the Pro & FireControl are new, I figure keeping the number of things that are new to a minimum to make diagnosing issues easier.

Makes sense. I didnt know if there was a difference between the two. And I didnt want to download and license the wrong one. Thanks

The development version is stuff that’s being worked on but not fully tested & ready for primetime.

Were do we find our tool sets to install on SC?

You make them yourself - unless some kind soul shares their tool file for the machine you’re using. I’m planning to make a tool set for my Miller 625 and post it once I get setup. I think a few folks on the forum have posted tool sets for various machines - might try and search around…

Edit: sorry, I wasn’t very clear…the tools you setup are supposed to be based on the machine you are using, so you would normally follow the cut chart provided by the plasma manufacturer for speeds and material thickness. So based on that info, you’d create a tool for ex. 30 amp 10ga Mild Steel - and set the IPM and cut parameters. When you’re cutting 10ga, you’d define your paths using the tool you setup for that material. Hope that makes sense…

yes it does I understand now appreciate you clarifying it. I was watching youtube video on installing sheetcam and the license and then the video mentioned installing the toolpaths that’s were I got confused.

Good question & answers here. But what if you have a RazorCut 45, no cutting guide came with mine? I’m new to plasma cutters and CNC.
Boy do I have my work cut out for me. But from what I’ve seen it will be well worth it!

Do you mean a RazorWeld Cut Chart? If so follow the link. Full of info and a spreadsheet. If you meant specifically for SheetCam I don’t know of one.

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Thanks so much! Boy the people on this forum have been so helpful.
Some of the other forums I’m on sure could learn something from this group. I sure hope it stays this way.