Learning SheetCAM

It’s been pretty positive for the past 18 months. No one really seems to be into trolling and we’re all just trying to figure out the whole Crossfire thing :slightly_smiling_face:


Polite forums are like democracy. The only work when you want them to. Hopefully we will continue to want it to stay helpful and polite.


New to SheetCam. Have been downloading a few DFX files Fireshare. Everything goes as planned until the Post Processor is run and the following message comes up:
“An unexpected error has occurred:
Post not found
This error occurred on line 1178 in file …\Camlib\postmacro.cpp)
Post processing failed”

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

are you using the Firecontrol post processor in sheetcam?

No. Do not know how to use the Firecntrol post processor.

Read thru this info. Shows you the process of installing the post processor into sheetcam.


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Thank you. Seems to be working now!!

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another satisfied member…

Don’t you wish for each satisfied customer you got a pile of these?

Or … a few of these! :slight_smile:

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Humm…decisions, decisions, decisions…