Learning how to 3D scan

I’ve been wanting to learn how to 3D scan and finally some 3D scanner technology has become affordable enough to start getting my feet wet.

Back in December I backed the Revopoint Pop 2 Scanner on Kickstarter. The scanner arrived on April 13th and on this holiday weekend I’ve had the opportunity to start reading and setting up for this adventure.

I’ve joined the Revopoint 3D forum currently trying to read and understand everything. I am also @TinWhisperer over there too, for anyone else getting into this world I’ll be there so come say hi. (The Revopoint 3D forum site is the exactly the same interface as the Langmuir forum site)

So my first impressions as a beginner.

3D scanning has a lot of nuance and technique to it.

All the data processing is very resource heavy.

It is definitely not easy to get good results yet.

Here are some pictures from my first successful attempt.

I managed to scan an ammonite fossil. export a obj file. Imported it into Autodesk Meshmixer. Clean it up and isolate the intended geometry.
And then loaded into Fusion 360.

It was pretty cool to be able to capture this kind of data and load it into Fusion 360.

I also back the Creality CR scan lizard Kickstarter. It was just about to ship and they got hit with the copyright infringement lawsuit which stopped everything cold.
It’s all paid for on my end we’ll see if I ever end up with it.:man_shrugging:t2:

Also within a few days there will be the release of the Revopoint Mini blue light scanner, I plan on purchasing one of those too. It has a slightly different use than the pop2.

Ultimately I hope to capture meaningful data of projects I’d like to design sheet metal parts for.

Anyone else using 3D scanning technology in their workflow? If so how? why? what kind of results are you getting? any tips or tricks you can share with a beginner?

I will keep updating this topic as things progress.


Really cool! Thanks for posting!

I looked into building a DIY setup a few years ago but too much invention required for my usage ‘needs’ (AKA, I didn’t have any). Now that it appears, more or less, turn key, I might jump into it!


CRAP, OH NO!!! :grimacing: :crazy_face:
Yet another Rabbit hole awaits me! :rofl:
(Happy Easter all)

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Here is another scan of a mug.

Here is a link to a navigable model.

Another scan of a Vintage Toyota Badge

I am starting to learn that surface preparation and lighting is paramount to achieving a quality scan.

Also very resource heavy when processing this data.

It is a very surreal feeling digitizing 3D things.

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:arrow_up: do check this interactive model :arrow_up:

but it seems the colour is not working in the linkable fusion 360 model? I’ll get it figured… seems to work everywhere else.

Figured out Exporting a colour model.

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Holy crap! …this is good stuff! :nerd_face:

What does this stuff cost?? :thinking:

@Cletus I did the Kickstarter of the Premium package with some extras. Maybe 1000$ US now?

I am very interested. I think i can get one of the hospitals to buy me this.


If anyone should have one of these its you.

I’ve got a couple of scanners around here somewhere and have donated another couple to a local Makerspace for just that reason. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not just no need, but no real wants either. :man_shrugging:

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My first topic on the Revopoint 3D forum.

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How much memory do you have? And how many cores in the CPU?

Well, I can blame you for now thinking this would be useful. Since you talked me into getting VCarve Pro, I’ve been doing a lot of 3D Carving!

I only have 16 gigs of ram in this machine and it’s been serving me great for Fusion 360 but it’s time to pull the trigger on 64 or 128 gigs I think.

There is six cores in my current processor.

I pulled up the manual for my motherboard I’m seeing what it will take maximum for a CPU and RAM.

Becky here, i just finished reading this post and have no clue what i just read! BUT i have now figured out why i cant use inkscape!!! INEED A DESK WITH MULTIPAL MONITERS!!! :+1: :upside_down_face: :roll_eyes: :dollar: :rofl:


I definitely have a lot of desktop real estate. Lol.

Here’s a full view.

There’s five monitors.

Two running computers one XP one Windows 10

Two mice two keyboards.

A lot of these monitors are a decade or better old.

I have been doing with the idea of buying a some replacement monitors but I need more RAM and a better GPU first so I can process all this 3D data.

And yes the stand for the tough book is another tough book…

I got rid of my multiple monitors for a single 43" one and a switcher for the HDMI inputs. Running a 64GB/ 8-Core/2TB desktop plus a couple of laptops. :slight_smile: Really only need the big juice for the photogrammetry I’m doing otherwise the stuff just idles.

I’ve been doing more CNC carving than plasma work lately (and the laser is really lonely). I’ve got to setup a spray booth because I need to start finishing a telecaster & a strat and those paint jobs take forever.

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methinks the 3D Scan software isn’t using all your processors and your post earlier showed only 4G allocated to the process. If you said 8G I would have suggested 16, but with what you’ve got, this SW isn’t taking full advantage of it. I’d be surprised if getting more memory helps in this case. Furthermore, it’s making me hesitate on getting the package myself. I might bide my time and see what you come up with… :upside_down_face:

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:rofl: this must be a guy thing!!! Joe has no computers but has 2 LARGE toll boxes with 2 sets of tools!!! there all clean and placed real pretty too :rofl: i always kid him that he has every tool that was invented and if not he makes it! :+1:

Nothing stays all clean and pretty in my shops. I’m pretty sure it’s because I don’t have enough room and when I move it’ll all be better.

Of course I always think it’ll all be better after I clean up, toss out all the little scrap pieces I’m saving for when I “need” them, and put everything away where they should belong.

Never seems to last more than a month or so :man_shrugging: