Hypertherm 30XP on CrossFire PRO

Just curious if anyone has hooked up a Hypertherm Powermax 30XP to this table system yet. it is what I currently have and wonder what will be involved in hooking it up as well as with the THC. If anyone has, I would love to get some advice.


I haven’t seen anyone mention the HT 30. But several of us have HT 45s and had no problems by following the Langmuir instructions. If you have the machine torch & CPC port it’s an easy wiring job using either a custom made cable ($20 or so, instructions are on the forum) or the Hypertherm cable ($100).

If you’re using a hand torch, it’s a little more involved but the instructions in the THC setup manual are pretty clear.

Hey thanks James. the HP 30xp does not come with a CPC. I don’t even think it is an option, but I am going to give it a try. I have seen the hookup for the wires to fire the torch, but nothing yet for the THC. ill wait and see.

Did you ever get this hooked up I am in the same predicament?

Hypertherm 30 xp VIM Box RAW Voltage Wiring Quick Guide Pics - LS-THC (Torch Height Control) - Langmuir Systems Forum

There’s a link to the raw arc connections for the vim box.

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Yeah, what he said. I wired it according to the above instructions but never used it. Bought a HT 85 with CPC

Thanks waiting for upgrade now.

I run a xp30 on mine and it cuts great. No issues with duty cycle and the cuts with fine cut consumables are awesome. Im yet to cut anything over 3/16 just metal signs and firepits.

Same here. I’ve been running the 30xp for a couple months because it is what I had before I even thought about buying the table. I also opted for the THC and I am completely happy with the way it cuts. I do plan on getting the 45xp down the road mainly for the machine torch option.

What speed are you using for 3/16”? I have a 30xp and having a hard time with the speed. I started off at 40 and I’m down to 15 to where it’s finally cutting through. It doesn’t seem right I’m running way below the recommended Cut chart guide. I changed consumables to fine cut which helped with 1/8”. Which consumables are you using for 3/16”?

When I used a 30xp I only used the fine cut consumables and only really cut up to 1/4".
For 3/16’s id cut at 30 ipm and 30 amps.

Wow! I am having such a hard time and not sure what else to do besides purchase a new plasma cutter. Yesterday it cut through 1/8” just fine. Today, not so much. I’ve tried so many different things.

New plasma cutter probably isn’t necessary just have to check a few things.
Are you using hyperthem consumables? Are they in good shape?
Have you tried hand cutting with the torch? Does it cut well that way?
Are you using thc? What is your pierce height and cut height set at? Can you confirm that those height settings are working properly?
Does your work clamp have a good connection?
When the torch pierces is it making a good pierce or does the torch start moving beforehand?

It’s probably something simple that you’re overlooking which is easy to do at times I would try to get it dialed in before purchasing a new plasma cutter because chances are you’ll have the same issue with a new one.

last but not least…dry tank…dry air…clean air

Hello, thanks so much for the response. I have been getting so much help from another member that lives local. I’m very appreciative of everyone’s help. I’m at my wits with this whole venture. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Moving forward…I installed new consumables and replaced the standard ones with fine cut ones. Once I did that, I was able to achieve a good cut. The following day, I tried cutting another piece and it went to shit. Some places didn’t pierce through as it moved. I had three filters running before my machine plus the internal hypertherm one so 4 in theory. I ended up buying a desiccant filter yesterday and had same results. I have one filter right at compressor a hose to the machine. Prior to machine I have a desiccant filter and motorguard filter. I did do a moisture test using a mirror and it’s dry.

I don’t have a THC yet, it’s on order. The table is level, the gantry is level. I was also thinking about possibly the ground isn’t grounded very well. You mentioned it, and I will try to ground it elsewhere. It’s currently under the table on the drain nut.

Yes on hypertherm consumables (new). Yes on hand cutting. Zero problems.

That’s more then enough filtration, I know some people will jump on me for this but I don’t find hypertherm bothered that bad by poor filtration besides the obvious extra consumable wear.

If it’s hand cutting fine there’s no reason it shouldn’t cut on the table.
Cutting 3/16’s try 28ipm and give it a full second pierce delay and see how that works for you using the thinner shim.
I have a buddy that still uses that same setup 30xp with the original table with no thc and it works great so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to get it dialled in.
You may have mentioned it but what compressor are you running?

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I have a puma 40 gallon 2 stage compressor that puts out 14cfm. I have it set at 90psi

Do you think the ground which is clamped under the table on the drain nut may be an issue? Should I clamp it on the work piece?

I should also mention that the cutter is wired at 240v and using its full capacity at 30amps.

Lots of compressor then.

I always clamp to the nut under the water table and on my big table I have it clamped to the slats underneath cause that’s a downdraft table and no issues with hypertherm cutters but I have read some people have had issues with that but I’m not sure of the plasma cutter they were using.

Maybe a picture of your cuts would help.