Hypertherm 30XP on CrossFire PRO

Just curious if anyone has hooked up a Hypertherm Powermax 30XP to this table system yet. it is what I currently have and wonder what will be involved in hooking it up as well as with the THC. If anyone has, I would love to get some advice.


I haven’t seen anyone mention the HT 30. But several of us have HT 45s and had no problems by following the Langmuir instructions. If you have the machine torch & CPC port it’s an easy wiring job using either a custom made cable ($20 or so, instructions are on the forum) or the Hypertherm cable ($100).

If you’re using a hand torch, it’s a little more involved but the instructions in the THC setup manual are pretty clear.

Hey thanks James. the HP 30xp does not come with a CPC. I don’t even think it is an option, but I am going to give it a try. I have seen the hookup for the wires to fire the torch, but nothing yet for the THC. ill wait and see.

Did you ever get this hooked up I am in the same predicament?

Hypertherm 30 xp VIM Box RAW Voltage Wiring Quick Guide Pics - LS-THC (Torch Height Control) - Langmuir Systems Forum

There’s a link to the raw arc connections for the vim box.

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Yeah, what he said. I wired it according to the above instructions but never used it. Bought a HT 85 with CPC

Thanks waiting for upgrade now.

I run a xp30 on mine and it cuts great. No issues with duty cycle and the cuts with fine cut consumables are awesome. Im yet to cut anything over 3/16 just metal signs and firepits.

Same here. I’ve been running the 30xp for a couple months because it is what I had before I even thought about buying the table. I also opted for the THC and I am completely happy with the way it cuts. I do plan on getting the 45xp down the road mainly for the machine torch option.