Failure to Cut through Starting Point

I’ve been having some trouble recently with my plasma cutter not cutting all the way through at the entry point of my cuts. It’s like either the plasma cutter cannot cut all the way through at the start, or it welds back together after it has made the cut.

I have attached some photos so that hopefully someone can help me resolve this issue.
Scanned Documents.pdf (2.2 MB)


increase your pierce delay. what’s it set to now? Doesn’t matter what book settings are pertaining to pierce delay, it needs another .3 - .5 on top of book settings.

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Are you talking about Pierce Delay in the Post Processing in Fusion 360? If so, I think my default Pierce Delay is .5 seconds.

I just tried a 1.0 pierce delay and I still had the same problem of it not cutter all the way through at the lead in.

yes that pierce delay. that cutter are you using? also what’s your pierce height and cut height set to?

Im using the RazorCut45. My pierce height was set to .15 for that cut, with an additional .055 pierce clearance in the ‘2D profile’ “cutting” section.

I think it may have to do with the thickness of the metal I am using. I cut this exact same design with all the same settings on a piece of aluminum and it cut it very cleanly. Now, I am using metal that is a little under an eighth of an inch (.120 in exactly), and it keeps having the problem shown in the photos where it does not cut through at the lead-in.

Definitely increase your pierce delay for near 1/8". You can use the .5s you have and increase it via FireControl in the Pierce Delay Override to nail down exactly what value (.5 x PDO%) to set in the Post Setting when posting again. We might use .7s or .8s for that thickness.

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What about for 1/4"? I used a 1 second pierce delay for that thickness, and it seemed to work okay, but I’m not sure what you recommend.

Also, trouble I’ve had recently is with the Feed Rate - I know the “default” is around 40 IPM, but I’ve been having to change that to around 10 IPM for these thicker cuts (3/16" and 1/4"), but is that typical? Is there another setting I should adjust so that my Feed Rate doesn’t have to be so low? Perhaps Cut Height or Pierce Height? What should these values be?

I don’t have a RW45, but check this post for cut chart:

Thank you this is helpful - I ran it with very similar settings to the one listed for Mild Steel at 1/4"… still not sure what my problem is.