Everlast PowerPlasma 62i with CNC Package - problem with 50 to 1 divided arc voltage?

I am just finishing up setting up a Crossfire Pro with all options and noticed a warning in the THC controller installation that Everlast has a problem with 50 to 1 voltage. Anyone know anything about this before I go to the trouble of finishing. It is a brand new torch so I assume I can return it is needed.

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Mitch… If you go read the first 2/3 of this thread, I think there’s some good stuff in there… I’m watching the way it develops also as I have the 50s… No THC yet but, plan on adding when it’s possible for me… Looks like Everlast folks are better off using the RAW arc voltage.

@mitchmedford You are welcome to try the 50:1 input with your system using the Divided Voltage Pigtail Cable in the CNC kit. We had a report from one user that performance using this port was problematic as indicated in the thread above linked by @KX9M

That being said, Everlast provides raw voltage hookups at the CNC port and we have verified that raw voltage works great with our THC setup. To do this using the supplied Raw Voltage Input Pigtail Cables, connect the black wire to pin 7 and the red wire to pin 5. Please make sure that you are using the cable below for Raw Voltage!

I got a 62i. I tapped/soldered on pin 1 and 2 for the torch fire of the CNC socket. Open up the plasma cutter and tap on to the raw voltage wires going into the circuit board before the CNC port and avoid the CNC port all together for raw because it never gave me a true reading as the wires on the raw before the board did. Wish I would have taken a picture of before I closed it back up, but call Everlast customer service and they will tell you where they go on the board. The board has a few resisters then it goes to the CNC port and I think that’s where the problem is in not getting a reading the pro table needs.

I got the 82i and it works w/o any problem.

the 81i was factory set to 1/16th and you need 1/50th input.
did you remove the jumper to set it to 1/50th?
if not, read your manual for how. it was a 5min job on the 82i.


so I am trying to set up my 82i did you use the pins 1 and 2 or pins 5 and 7? I’m really confused.

Dc1 how is the 82i working for you now. Still going good? Anything different that you would do now?

Do not use the pins on the rear port for voltage reading go right to the inside of the unit.
There are several threads on it with pictures.
The rear pins on the everlast do not have accurate divided voltage.

I posted pictures on here where to tap on. I opened up my Everlast and followed pins behind the CNC port for 1 and 2 start stop and tapped onto them. Then I tapped on raw arc in side the unit also. Everlast themselves told me to do it and what wires they were.

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Went to raw voltage and havent had a problem since. Soldered leads to leads of plasma cutter inside cabinet.

I went raw voltage right from the start with my 62i.
Easy to do and is the best option

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Same here.Was cutting perfect and have cut many pieces with hardly any consumables being used up. Now THC doesn’t work and fire control wont even load a file.

there is a thread on when fire control freezes…if I find it I will post here…but it tells you to go into your user folder and delete a specific fire control folder…when I did that it worked fantastic.
then try cutting without THC…once you get that going then turn THC back on…

Problem fixed. Loaded a driver wrong.

Once you grab the power from the plasma machine, where do we hook it up too on the port?

Not sure of your question

where are post for raw voltage on 82i

here is the best way to connect the Everlast Plasma machines to RAW voltage.
go right to the inside front of the machine and connect as the pictures show.
do not use the pins on the back of the machine as they are not reliable for divided or raw voltage.

the plug on the back of the machine can be used for the on/off trigger function…pins 1 and 2
see this thread

and for approximate cutting speeds and settings see this


I know this is an old thread but it has what I need. I haven’t bought a plasma cutter yet… The POWERPLASMA 62I WITH CNC PACKAGE

25ft. Italian designed and patented iPT 60M CNC torch with Euro quick-connect central adapter

This one looks like a good price. But the THC seems to be a problem. Rather than splice into the plasma raw arc lines it seems to me that the divider jumper lines might work. The 1/16 reads at 1/32 and the 1/50 reads at 1/100. But we need it to read at 1/50th of the arc voltage. I think this is what I got from reading this and other threads.

So if we have an output of 1/32 of the arc voltage why not just add a resistor in line to bring it up to the 1/50th of the arc voltage that is needed?

Or the Hypertherm Powermax 45 XP might be more expensive but not such a hassle.

I have the 62i with the pro table…I took raw voltage right off the lugs inside the case just before they go to the torch and to the material clamp…I posted pictures of this.

you can not trust the divided voltage pins on the Everlast cnc port…