Everlast rear pinned socket connection

I have an Everlast plasma cutter with CnC pinned socket on the back. Does anyone know how I’d go about connecting it to the crossfire? Here’s a pic of the socket

. Any help would be great appreciated, thanks

You’ll want to connect the torch fire cable we provided to pin 1 and pin 2.


Does it matter which goes to which?

No. It shouldn’t. The cnc control just closes the circuit.


@Burgs04 is correct, it does not matter.

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Good to know, but how do I connect the wires to the pins? Seems like I need a connector to go into the pin? do I just squeeze the wire into it? Seems like that would fall out?

Do you have an Everlast CNC ready plasma cutter? If so I believe you need the pigtail plug that plugs into the port on the plasma cutter. Then you can connect the wires of the torch fire cable to the wires on the pig tail plug.

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I would add a photo when I can, but all I have is the port on the back of the 2019 shipment Everlast 50s and the plug that connects to it. the plugs back side is empty and I can open it up to expose the back side of the pins. I feel like the back side of the pins require some sort of male brass pin that gets connected to the wire and then into this connector?

You should have gotten the Male end of the connector with your cutter. You can unscrew the end that connects to the welder and see the back side of the pins. I think you are already seeing that. The ends of your wire have to be soldered to the hollows in the back of the pins. Make sure you put the strain relief nut and the body of the plug on the wire first. I used an old monitor cable I had and soldered all the wires to the pins then hooked other end of the wires on pin 1 and 2 to the plug and cable supplied with the crossfire. And taped the rest up for later


ahhh HA! I knew it was something I wasn’t thinking about. Thanks so much @JaVelin

Question, how do you get the pin connectors out of the pig tail plug in order to solder them?

I soldered my pins right on the plug… slid the end back on and clamped 'er down… It’s a delicate job but can be done pretty easily if you “pre-tin” your wire ends and the backs of the pins first… Take your time…It can be done…

I really should start taking pictures of all this!!

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Same … did them all in the socket

Ok but trying to figure out how to solder down in the plug. The back of the connectors are inside the plug which is around 2 inches long.

plug it into the plasma cutter then twist it to the left it should unscrew just behind the blue cap

That worked! Man am I out of my element! Thank you!

Your welcome, apparently your not the only one that didn’t know how to take it apart.

Haha not at all I spent a good day wondering how I would do that.

Hello everyone, I’m new to cnc plasma world
I’m going to be buying the new table
Just wondering if the everlast power plasma 60s with it’s cnc ready plug will work the same way as stated above about connect the table to plugs 1&2
Thank you in advance!

Should work the same as above…

Here is a capture from the current 60S manual on the Everlast website regarding the pinouts of the connector on the back of the machine…

Just to be sure, maybe doing a little continuity check first wouldn’t be a bad idea… :wink: