THC with new pro / everlast plasma

Just trying to get ready for my pro and I have an everlast set up with a CNC plug, now I will need to add the THC “Div Output” wiring to the plug and also check to make sure the jumper is set at the 50:1 ratio. Here are a couple pics I grabbed off of a Langmuir post, and looking for a confirmation that my assumptions are correct.cnc%20divider

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Don’t know if they fixed this yet, but I have an everlast 50s, purchased June2019, and the divider board inside is not correct inside… you need to do a little fix… If you don’t you get 0-.2v, which will not operate your THC correctly… here is the article on plasmaspider:

And here is what you have to do to fix that board… Check 3 times!!! before soldering!! :slight_smile:

Also the diagram from everlast is looking from the bottom of the board, not the side that has the jumper on it… I’ll take a pic of mine tomorrow, I don’t remember how I jumpered it, but it works and so does my THC… I think you just leave it just like the picture, don’t jumper anything…

Very interesting… Looks like I may be on board for this one as well… I intend to keep my XFire XL but add the THC to it…(best for me at this time)… Is there any way of knowing right off if one needs to make this mod?? I have a 50s here…Purchased spring of 2019.

best way would be to wire the pigtail in the cnc port for the 50:1 wires and attach it to a volt meter… While cutting, you should get between 0 and 2 volts on the meter…

Perfect. Sounds like something easy!!

Dicky: Thanks for the reply, the picture I used was plagiarized from another post on this site, i’ll need to open mine up to see how it set from the factory.
I will just wire it into the CNC plug just like the trigger on off I did with the machine torch.

Going to have to reference this thread for my 50s

@Dicky Looks like pins 4 & 6 would be the proper points for this voltage read?

That would be correct

Yes, the same way, those two wires should produce from 0-2v. Which is what the THC will look for… If the fix is still needed, you will only see 0-.2v if I remember correctly…

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@num1husker took a picture of my plasma cutter jumper, as I thought, no jumping at all… I left the jumper on the single pin 90* to the other pins…


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Dicky: Thanks again for taking the time to help out with this issue, it’s so refreshing to see answers to post that are not demeaning and irrelevant, which happens less on this forum then others. Keep up the great work it makes for a useful community.

So dicky, you didn’t have to do any modifications to the board? (Just assuming as you said you didn’t do a jumper)


I didnt use the plastic jumper on the front side of the board, I did solder that jumper on the backside as shown in the picture below. It’s a little tedious, but was necessary.


Ahhhh got ya! Thanks for the clarification. Then do you wire the thc to the number 4 pin?

I am a little confused on everything @Dicky. Why didn’t you use the jumper on the front side vs soldering the jumper on the backside?

Just a FYI, I did some more research and it seems that you may not necessarily need to do the jumper wire mod. The voltage output seems to be dependent on the THC unit itself. So one person using one THC may need to do the jumper where as we may not need to with the Langmuir THC. I received box 2 today, so I hope to have my table assembled tomorrow and see how the Everlast works with the THC

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@oneupperformance i agree with you after doing more reading after my post. I saw that in other forums. Some users reported seeing the correct readings when their table was up and going and other users had the problem. It’d be great if you report back what you see. It’ll still be a few days before I get to the point of wiring my THC.

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Iwikk definitely report back and let everyone know what I find out

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