Cut charts for everlast plasma

I just got my everlast 82i cnc package plasma yesterday. I was wondering if anyone has a cut chart to get me in the ball park on different thickness and materials? Thanks!

Yes here is one that was submitted by other users:

Thank you!

What air pressure would you recommend?

Also my plasma only came with 1.2 tips. And I think the smallest it will do is 1.1. What does the different tip size do and have an effect on?

I have the same plasma and use 1.0mm tips for 3/16 aluminum and 1.2 for 3/8 aluminum. Different tips have different amperage ratings. I would recommend buying a lot of extra tips when setting up your machine. I believe 70 psi is what that plasma wants. You have lights on the front panel that will tell you when you have the correct air pressure

1.0mm/50 amp, 1.1mm/60 amp, 1.2mm/70 amp and 1.3mm/80 amp.

You could use these cut charts to help up to 60 amps! These are only starting points.


Yeah it does have a light but it seems you can change the pressure a lot before it actually changes the light. I didn’t know if more or less pressure was better.

I’ll definitely order up some tips. You getting them directly from everlast or from elsewhere?

I buy them on ebay in bulk, It is cheaper than buying from everlast. Search for IPT-80 consumables and you will find everything you need.

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