DIY dimple die available to anyone needing it

I started a new topic for the video of the mod 2 dimple die…I think it is a big improvement.

Sorry to jump in but I chose the Creality Ender 3 V2 based on another Crossfire Pro user. It has been an awesome printer and easy to set up and run. My suggestion would be to purchase the same printer that your friends or contacts are using so you have someone to bounce questions off of when the need comes up.


Thanks! That’s one of the one’s I’ve been looking at. Heard it’s good!

Prusa i3 MKs I really like everything about it. As I see it there is only one downside. You have to order it and have it shipped to the US. The reason why I decided to get one was because every single person I researched seemed to have the same comment about them. They just work. The reviews of the Creality printers turned me off of them because I felt like every single one of them recommended upgrading the printer to get the results you want. Where as the Prusa’s always just seem to work … upgrades or not. So I pulled the trigger and couldn’t be happier. I have a friend that bought a Creality at about the same time and just like I though the first thing he did was start upgrading the printer rather than printing things. Where as I’ve printed out hundreds of things while he was still just getting it to work the way mine already does. I think the Creality printers are probably fantastic if you really want to tinker and mod them. Where as my Prusa just works… upgrades probably wouldn’t change a whole lot for me.


I also forgot to mention one of my prime criteria was that it be able to print in as many different materials as possible. I didn’t have any experience so I didn’t know if I was going to want ABS or PLA or Nylon, but I didn’t want to end up spending the money only to find out the printer only really recommended one material. I’ve printed ABS and PLA so far on my Prusa and had really good results. ABS is notoriously difficult and I’ve printed about 10 parts out of ABS and yes it is WAY more picky that PLA. If I was only going to print in PLA I think the Creality printers would probably be fine, and now that I have a lot of experience in PLA I can say that it’s going to be pretty rare that you need ABS or another material, but I knew I wanted to do more than just PLA. I have experienced PLA deforming in the dishwasher, and direct sunlight. So in those cases I’ve gone with ABS and haven’t had a problem yet ( only been doing it for about a year now), but I also have a roll of PETG and TPU that I’m itching to try out on something.

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Dan’s original Mod 1 die has been shipped out to Chip today. Please reach out to him if you are interested in being next in line to use it.

Good news! The 3dprint work great, and it even worked with only 15% infill. However I would recommend doing at least 50% infill if I was to do it again. Also you need to make sure to use a washer BIGGER than the die. See the pictures I’m really happy with it ! HUGE THANKS to dbrub2 for making this possible it was definitely one of the more frustrating things with the design. It is a one time use tool but it was less than $1 in plastic according to my slicer.
PXL_20210213_212011184 PXL_20210213_211813640


That’s great news. Jmersereau on the Mod2 post says his 3D print didn’t produce the flat area. Was yours able to do that? Did you get both drains done or only one per set of printed dies?

Mine did have the flat area with the V2. I have the original Crossfire not the pro so only one drain. I really couldn’t have asked for better!

Ok thx. At 50% infill or greater would you think it could survive two drains?

I think it might provided the top and bottom washer are bigger than the die. I actually used a torq wrench on it and set it to 60 foot pounds and I could tell it had done the job before reaching 60 so I stopped took it off and centered it a little bit more then cranked down again and thats when the washers started pushing through the print. So I think if your a little more careful than I was and at 50% or greater it should get 2. I felt like I could see when it was done but I kept turning a little more cuz I thought I would need to hit the 60 and I didn’t.
Top and bottom washers even bent a little so I really think it held up pretty well.

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Well now that you have been successful I guess the next obvious question is whether you are willing to make these and offer them at a price that covers your time, materials, and shipping? Anyone that already has a 3D printer can make there own or even offer to make them for others for a reasonable fee.

By the way did you happen to measure the hole dia pre and post the dimple? Also from you pic the drain appears to be about 1/16” below flush which means the depression could be less which would reduce the hole growth

no sorry I didn’t measure the hole. I think I’ll differ to Etsy if anybody is looking to purchase a print online. With your file I think any of them are probably already setup to print, and do all the shipping (and taxes) stuff. I’m more of a hobbiest :wink:

Understand completely! Still what you have proven should open the way to increase the number of dies available.

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So based on Chip’s success with the 3D printed version, the folks wanting to use the die can either stay on the list and wait for their turn to get the steel one, print their own if they have access to a 3D printer, or send the cad file to a 3D printing service such as

I’m still waiting on chrisnyc to confirm whether his printed version worked so I’ll know who to send the Mod2 die to. I assume Forx is no longer needing it

Nope I don’t need it thanks!

I posted my results in the Mod 2 thread:

I think the PLA printed version I made works well enough so I can be removed from the list. Thanks for all your work Dan!

While the flat wasn’t as pronounced as the steel version it is still far better than what you get with the Mod1 so I’m glad to see the printed version will work. My drains were in the hardware box so you might want to start looking there

I have the version 1 die and am finished with it today. Not sure who’s next on the list but PM and I will send it out.

i used a milwaukee 3" knockout cup with a 2.5" cutter turned backwards so it did not cut into pan. tools of the electrical trade. turned out better than i expected. ill post pics as soon as i figure out how