Desktop computer and longer USB cable

Can I get away with a long USB cable and a desktop computer. If so what’s the max USB cable length.

I have access to 100 decommissioned desktop computers wouldn’t have to tie up my only laptop.

Could someone tell what the problem is with using a desktop exactly.

I’d like to know too, the first time I’ve heard it being a problem.

Probably referring the the ground issue?

The longer the cable the more it’s subjected to signal degradation and picking up EMF

There isn’t a problem with using a desktop. There have been interference issues reported using a computer with the grounded plug. Easy fix is to use a ground adapter or break off your ground pin on your chord/power supply if you have one.

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Don’t know, I assumed there was a difference cause everytime there’s a problem someone asked if its desktop or a laptop.

Sound like it’s the difference in the power supplies in the desktop transferring electrical noise.

Yes, for some reason when the control box and the computer share a ground it can cause interference issues.

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I think I remember ( and that is a long shot) that there was something one of the tech’s said about the length of some cables…and that the programs were calibrated to a certain length of cable…and that going too long might affect the operation of the systems…

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I remember reading the same thing… don’t remember the topic. I’m sure it’s in a “manual” somewhere?

Not too far of a long shot - January post - PSA - Primeweld Cut 60 plasma cutters - #8 by langmuir-aksel


well done…thanks

I made my own laptop stand (as a first CFP practice project) that required a longer usb cord. I’m running a 10’ long cord. Bought a 4 pack of ferrite chokes and have 2 on each end. Zero issues so far.

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Good read, I’m running a hynade plasma cutter since I’m using off brand and unknown compatibility I want to make sure I don’t introduce problems into my setup. Thank you.

Thank you.

Is this the plasma cutter you’re using?

What’s the exact model number of that machine?

It sure has the hallmarks of a high frequency machine which if it is you absolutely shouldn’t use it on your CNC machine.

But provide your model number and we could look it up more thoroughly, they make several different plasma cutters. I see some use blowback style consumables and some use high frequency style consumables.

The model I have is the Hynade CUT60DN definatly a blow back low frequency model.


I see that model now.

That is a pretty inexpensive plasma cutter, good find.

After you have some run time on it please post your thoughts on the machine. I’ve been thinking about picking up their CUT80 machine as a dedicated cutter just for the CFP.

Somewhere langmuir states that their machines are designed for 40-50amp plasma cutters. I am unaware if going above that effects something. But it’s good for thought.

I think what you are referring to is that they say the water table is designed to work with plasma cutters running 45 amps or less.

@Bigdaddy2166 can testify to that… :wink:

They say if you are using more than 45 amps you should consider providing a plate liner on the bottom of the table.