Cutzilla. plate marker

This Plate Marker looks like it would be good for the Pro.
Take look at these videos.

I’m not going to wait for Langmuir’s plate marker. So I purchased a Cutzilla Plate Marker. If your interested this the website.
Cutzilla Plate Marker
Until my PRO comes. I will fit on Crossfire XL.

Let us know how it goes

Will do when I get it. Has not shipped yet ,

Plate markers are built when ordered. they usually take me about 5-7 business days to get shipped out.

Plasma cutters can often scribe. See example below.

What’s the advantage of something like this cutzilla over scribing with the plasma torch?

Why don’t you ask the person who sells it. I like it because the price is right. Cutzilla is the logo for a scriber or plate marker or engraver.

Only the Hypertherm 45xp can do marking. I haven’t been particularly impressed with the videos I’ve seen of it, even the ones from Hypertherm. There is a noticeable starting point mark left.

An alternative to an air scribe is Easyscribe. It is a diamond tip that fits in certain Hypertherm torches.
A lot quieter, cheaper. It’s my planned option. No additional mounting needed, no offsets to worry about. Just swap out the tip and go.


Good call Greg. Love that method.

I watched videos, saw the starting marks too, but figured they could be worked into the design somehow. I like the easyscriber even more.

Thanks again!

There’s more info on plasmaspider about the easyscriber. I may have over stated how ‘easy’ it is to use, you of course will probably need a different post to not do lead in/out etc. However if you are already using Sheetcam that makes things straight forward.

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Air plate markers do not need a Z axis. They use a floating design and their weight to scribe.
Crossfire does not have Z axis. You only need two Gcodes to run, M08 down and M09 up.

I also purchased the Plate Marker from Cutzilla. A nice setup. Only tested it , will install on the Pro Table after I receive it .


I did the same will install on the PRO when get it.:+1:

Curious to know if LS has weighed in on the Cutzilla? Haven’t heard anything but I also have read all the posts either. Without a doubt it won’t be too hard to come up with a mounting configuration but my concern is second and third-order effects from hanging a piece of hardware on the machine without LS weighing in on it. Would prefer to wait for LS to develop their own etcher but am afraid old age will catch up to me before they get around to it. Mostly have warranty concerns and what effect(if any) hanging an offset weight will have on the machine.

I don’t see a problem with the crossfire pro. The pro is supported on both ends of the X axis. The crossifire is not. If I ever get my pro will be able to find out.

You can take all leadins and outs off by the push of a button on sheet cam and fusion.

Do you have any more intel on the easy scrible? I Asked LS for a feedback and the just said that The CrossFire PRO is designed for plasma cutters, we have never tested it with a scribe!.

I just purchase one. I’m going to give a try once I have my pro running.

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@Israeltop I don’t have any more knowledge. I did purchase one with the hopes that it will work with the Pro. I have it here waiting.

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You know that just means we’re all going to be waiting on you to tell us if it’s something we can use :slightly_smiling_face:


Fair enough. Hopefully I won’t disappoint y’all. :grinning:

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