Coolant Evaporating

Not taking anything away from what you did Andy, but you never established a PRO/CON approach (COST/BENEFIT) of a different water bed with your approach. No one bought one of these tables because of it having the best water bed.

I agree with you Knick.

This is sort of like back in the 80’s you actually would hear people say “Yea, I bought ‘this’ car over ‘that’ one because it had more cup holders.”

In my mind I was like: “YOU DID WHAT???!!!”

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If you ever had 4 kids in the back you’d know that was as important as accept, gas mileage and safety features.

I once bought a minivan because it had a factory installed Lego table on the back of one of the middle row seats. Fold the middle seatback forward and presto it was Lego time :blush:


Plumbed and leak free!

“Fountain” looks like a fat butt jiggling back n forth


Great job. Your shop floor is very nice. Mine looks like a old machine shop.


Thank ya! Did the epoxy job myself. Heck of a lot of work!


Yeahhhh. I got greedy. Amazon water pump.

36gpm on the low end.


I like it. Very reasonably priced. Never thought about a hot water pump. Great idea.

Between evap and splash I go through 7-10 gallons a day when I am running the 100a plasma. I need to either get a second tank or a larger one.

I still need to plumb in my pump. Like you, going to run the water back up the drains. Split between 2 bar drains, is should keep the geyser effect down…mostly.

I have a problem with making a plan, then life turns into “Hurry up and get it running, need to use it.”

Liking that poly drum idea. I have 2 or three of those 35 gallon ones cross my path every year. Might have to snag the next one if they don’t loose the lids again.


Cost me $5 for this one. I even CNC’d out the bung removal tool for it with the plasma.

Oh, @Sticks , get barrels with integrated lids, just the bung caps