Coolant Evaporating

It’s like $170 for a five-gallon pal. It will last a long time. The borax works, but it’s not like this stuff.
Now, I will say that before I changed out my pan to a solid one, the factory rubber grommet screws had gotten some white oxidation of the zinc coating. The screws themselves were fine and never rusted, but the zinc did come off.
It also could be the DC voltage affecting the Zinc.
I never did any more testing.

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so…not sure where you would get this information…

When researching or hearing about products it is best to look into the instructions and manuals…

my 5 gallon pail lasts me 2 years…on average…saving time on cleaning metal pays for it in no time.

here is my table water system also to look at


I like the sediment filter. I’m going to have to look into that.

it is just a household water filter…works great…I take it out every few months to wash it out…what is does is prevent sludge from buildinhg up in the tank and chemicals working extra to prevent rust in the tank…


Looks like the filter works fine with only the pressure of dropping a couple of feet?