Constant problem. Loosing so much money with this table

After the thread issue i had!! Now im having this problem. Idk what to do the table is down more than it is not!!! Granted this is the plasma issue or the cnc torch!! Im getting exhausted

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It wont let me upload a pic

We can’t help without more detail.

Error code on plasma?

What happened before that code?

What other issues?


E4 it just stopped in the middle of a cut

Try this one

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Looks like when u take apar ty the itp60 torch. Their is 2 little pins coming out of the plastic. Looks like you can push them in and out i think 1 of them is broke off. They are very tiny pins

such are the joys of taking apart things., If you have never done it, you don’t know if you broke it taking it apart, or it was broke.

Either way it is an Everlast issue, not a Langmuir issue, and hopefully not a user caused issue.

I would head over to the Everlast forum and if you are not already, get registered, and see what help you can get over there. I’d also get a hold of their tech support and see if this is a warranty thing.

I hope you got all your other issues sorted out, and now it is just getting the plasma working.


First thing is you never take a machine torch head apart, because the odds are it will never work right when you put it back together.


Not unless George @mechanic416 gives you the 411 on how to do it. Been there done that.


Best of luck in solving the issues. And when you do please let me know. Thus far my Langmuir Pro is a place to store scrap metal and dust.

I got a new torch head today. I will be installing it tonight. Let you guys know how it goes!

@DougDuvall Your issues are not related to @Manderson1982.

Also the wrecked torch has nothing to do with Langmuir

@DougDuvall If you would like to draw more attention to your issues let us revisit your thread.