Can somebody Step by step for THC on 45XP with CPC?

Can somebody please give the step by step on how to hook up the auto THC on our Hypertherm 45XP’s?? I have mine already setup for the crossfire. Just need to know how & what wires to hook up for the THC. It all seems pretty complicated.

So do we just need pins 5 & 6 ? I think my wire I used has 4 wires in it. Anybody remember where the thread is for the pins through McMaster Carr?

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I guess I"m creating my own step-by-step.

Here’s the Plug I originally purchased :
Here’s the cap:
Here’s the wire:
Here’s the pins (crimp):
Pins (solder):

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Page 103-104
Pins 3 and 4 for the torch and 5 and 6 for the THC. I bought the interface cable for this.
Interface cable

The interface cable is good BUT… you can make it with quality parts for around $30

Also just a heads up that we are entering production on a CPC cable for the CrossFire PRO electronics box and Hypertherm plasma cutters that will plug into both the electronics box for torch firing and also connect to the DIV input on the LS-THC module.

So if you have a Hypertherm with a CPC port and machine torch, this cable will make it completely plug and play with the CrossFire PRO! We hope to have these available for sale in 2-4 weeks so stay tuned.


Great, will be looking for it .

Quick question. I’ll be trading my Hypertherm 30Air for a 45XP. I want the kit that comes with both machine and hand torches. This kit also comes with the remote pendant. I don’t need the pendant do I?

The remote pendant will not be needed for use with our machines.

The image below should help to clarify how to wire a Hypertherm CPC port to our LS-THC VIM module.

Will the Hypertherm Machine Interface Cable w/ Voltage Divider, 25’ (Part # 228350) work the same as the cable you are making? I’m in batch 2 and i’m planning on ordering my 45xp this month. Just want to know if this cable will work or if i should just wait till you get your ready.

Yes our cable replaces this part and is purpose built to connect to our electronics enclosure for torch fire and our VIM module for voltage input for the LS-THC.

Thank You. Do you think these will be ready for batch 2?

Yes they will! We should be receiving them in 2-4 weeks.

Awesome !!! I will wait for it then. Thanks again.

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Any idea on anticipated cost of the new cable?

We won’t know our costs until we figure out the labor to assemble and solder these cables but it will be something around $60-65.

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@langmuir-mike just curious where Langmuir is at with this?

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I have my pro on order and currently haven’t received any shipping info. Would this be available yet for order along with my pro order yet?