Can i share files with free fusion

So I wore out the search button, but i cant find the light. I am using fusion 360 free, and I would like to upload my dxf for some help. There is one line in my drawing that gives a linking error no matter the settings. Is there a way to export a dxf with free fusion? I see that I can send one sketch at a time, but i have a few layers. Maybe this is how its done, one layer at a time?? I would also love to share my whiskey aided art in fileshare, if that’s possible. All the thanks in advance

The other area you can export is if on the left sidebar you right click on your sketch there and there is a “Save as DXF” there.

Project all the layers to one layer first?

Can you export a * .f3d file with your free version?

Small geometry or semi circles can be tough sometime which are you having trouble s with?

BLSKETCH4.dxf (43.6 KB)
BLSKETCH5.dxf (72.9 KB)
BLSKETCH6.dxf (73.6 KB)
Here is the file that is giving me trouble. I have not been able to get a lead in or out on the mountains. Thanks for helping.

Semi circles can give fusion some issues sometimes.

micro trim the tips off these corner and it will work to generate a tool path in the manufacturing space.

Works now

BUSCH fixed mountain tips.dxf (73.6 KB)

Circles cut at acute angles will have this effect sometimes in fusion

Wow… that seems too easy. I have been struggling with that for days. Thank you

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