ATC for the MR-1?


Has anybody heard of an Automatic Tool Changer coming down the pipe? I know the MR-1 isn’t a Haas or perhaps not even a Tormach but it’s very capable and would definitely benefit from an ATC.

What are your thoughts and what have you heard?

Langmuir has indicated there are no plans in the works for one. The spindle doesn’t lend itself to installing an ATC. Keep in mind that just the ATC and power drawbar options for the Tormach cost more than a complete functional MR-1.

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I think it’s like another 30k and from a different company.

30k seems steep as I paid about $25k for a complete Tormach 1100M in 2018. I kept it a little over a year and sold it. It was a great machine but I couldn’t justify the monthly payment as a hobbyist. I’m not disputing that you saw that, I’m saying I question what kind of market they would have at that price. The Langmuir definitely makes more sense from a hobbyist perspective.

Valid points for sure.

To implement an ATC, the spindle would need to be replaced to work with standardized tool holders (BT30, etc.). A power drawbar would also need to be added. A BT30 tool holder is ~3" tall not including the pull stud. An ERxx collet tool holder is going to add another ~1.5". That leaves 1" or less for tool stickout if the gantry is going to be able to clear a wine rack style changer. I suppose the rack could be placed at the front of the bed to gain a couple of inches of tool stickout but that’s going to be awkward work around.

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It makes a nice thought experiment though.

Indeed. I thought it was a future upgrade project when I placed the order but hadn’t fully thought it through. Raising the gantry by ~2" should make it more viable.

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There was an ATC thread started about 8 months ago.

Is this what was meant by a wine rack style changer?

My issue with a low profile or table height changer is that it would often emerge through a big pile of metal chips. So there would need to be a method to make sure the tool holder was chip free before inserting it into the spindle.

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Check this out. Sounds really interesting and doable for non atc spindle.

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That looks very promising Speppino!!

It would be nice if it blew a burst of air before doing a tool change. My Tormach did that. That said it was more than the base MR1.

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That’s pretty cool. Uses a lot of real estate though.

Looks interesting. He says it just needs spindle rotation and speed control in the G-code, but it still seems like there are going to be some gaps to getting this implemented to work in Cutcontrol currently. Maybe if he can partner with Langmuir to distribute it, any necessary software changes could be developed.

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Let me understand this, you bought a hobby machine and you want an automatic tool changer?

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It is part of the hobby and fun to improve the capabilities overtime. And ending up spending more than a professional machine :joy::joy::joy:


Exactly Speppino!

Hobbyists can’t have tool changers?


No, hobbyists are poors. We don’t deserve superior toys. I dealt with this mindset with the Haas crowd when I had a Tormach.


The guy 3D printed something that probably does that. I just didn’t see it used in the demo.

Probably be some limitations on tool bit length.

Everyone knows the MR-1 is a hobby mill but I bought it for it’s price…not it’s limitations. Modifications and upgrades don’t have to be needed to be appreciated. I’m pretty good with understanding mechanical design. Where I fall short is electronics.