Amico APC-70HF...compatible....?

hey guys is this HF or BB???

Amico APC-70HF

@mechanic416 @TinWhisperer (AKA Manual-Man)

Its high frequency that is why the HF in the name.

Are you sure or just assuming because the HF in the name? I didn’t find anything that states it is, and even called the manufacturer before I bought it who said it wasn’t. But now i’m having goofy issues with my table.

That torch looks pretty suspect .
I’m still trying to locate a manual.

OK…Mechanic416 (george) answered…and you saw it…George is a Plasma Guru…sells…repairs…and knows his Plasmas…I think you have fried your electronics…I would send Langmuir a support ticket indicating you might have fried your table…they might be helpful and offer something quickly for you at a reasonable price…

Yes I am sure! You are getting pilot arc and HF confused! Well the manufacturer layed to you!


Not only that, but my antivirus tool is flagging their url as an ‘untrusted certificate’.

I searched for quite some time and it almost seems like it’s a " lie of omission" .

They don’t seem they’re very forthcoming with their manuals I wasn’t able to find one anywhere?

The only literature I could find to connect it to high frequency was if you search the p80 torch variant that machine comes with it is a high frequency torch.


I appreciate the help and research. I believe you are right and as far as publication goes, they arent lying, they are purposely omitting that fact. Their “tech” support how ever straight up lied.

You are right. I assumed HF and PA were different.

Off the list Langmuir provides, are there a couple you recommend? Like 1st 2nd and 3rd place?

Sorry, I really don’t recommend plasma cutters. The best thing is to ask the members on here what they use.

If you don’t want to spend Hypertherm money, Everlast 52/62i and Primeweld Cut60 are the most popular lower priced machines.


My local shop has Miller Spectrum 625bX-Treme models in stock. I know miller was a good name in welding growing up.

do a search on this forum for that model to see if others have gotten one to work with the table. Might even find wiring instructions.

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#1…top rated…hypertherm units…

then just about anything on the approved Langmuir list of plasma cutters

I run an Everlast 62i…and love it…I could not afford the Hypertherm…

PrimeWeld Cut60
Interference generated by the power supplies of these cutters have been known to cause issues with CrossFire electronics. Owners of these models who wish to use their cutter with the CrossFire must take further steps to ensure proper grounding and resistance to EMI in their systems.

Use of these cutters is not supported by Langmuir Systems and is at your own risk.

the Primeweld is no longer supported due to interference issues. Its been put on the naughty list. I see lots of people on the forums using it just saying you need to make sure to use chokes and and ground everything properly. Sounds like playing with more fire ugh.

Primecut is getting better for CNC. @EmersonSC check this post out about some of the changes they’ve made.

There’s no doubt though that the older machines have caused a lot of hassle for some people.

Talk about face customer service. I sent them a message via their website and got a response minutes later:

|### Customer Service|2:27 PM (3 minutes ago)||

to me


We sell CUT60s for Langmuir customers daily without issues. We have done updates internally the last few months and again no issues


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Body: I am looking at the Cut60 plasma cutter, how ever apparently Langmuir Systems has dropped support for your machine as it causes too much interference with the electronics. Have you guys looked into these issues and made any changes to fix these issues? I am ready to pull the trigger but cant afford to replace the electronics on my CNC table again due to a plasma cutter frying them.

works fine if you follow precautions. As with all cutters, don’t have cables crossing or laying on top of each other, uncoil the work clamp cable, move the cutter as far away from the control box as possible. having it on the opposite side from the control box works fine.

the new updated cut60 works fine using the cnc port but you can always hook it up using raw voltage from inside the cutter.


Hey Emerson, you in Howell Michigan? You could stop by and check out my pro table with titanium 45 cutter…