Primeweld Cut 60. More table friendly

Primeweld will have an updated model soon to make their 60 amp plasma more compatible with Langmuir tables, per Steve at Primeweld.

ETA around Thanksgiving unless “Brandon”goofs it up.

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That’ll be interesting to see what they do. Could be it ships with a machine torch, or maybe a CPC cable included for the LS machines. Not sure what else could be done to make it work much easier.

I forgot to add the following. You can substitute the machine torch for the hand held torch and receive the credit of the hand held torch towards the machine torch.
$299 (machine torch) - $139 (hand torch) = cost of machine torch would be $160 plus $675 for the Cut 60. Total cost. $835


The change is to address the electrical interference issues some users were having. It was not every machine, but if you got a bad one, there was no making it work with the table.

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Well, that’s great news, on a GREAT plasma Cutter.
Would be interesting to note what changes / updates were done to the CUT60 and if it’s possible for users of the old EMI noisy version to update their machines.
@mechanic416 can you shed any light on this?

Sorry, I have no idea what Primeweld is doing.

I’ve been fortunate so far and not had any issues with my Cut 60. Any updates are a good thing, especially if they truly improve reliability.

Would also be interesting to see how or if it will be labeled to distinguish the updated version from the present one.

By Serial number maybe. Before and after certain number

I’ve seen sometimes where the serial numbers just a sticker and it’s the same number for every unit.
I’ve seen that a lot with harbor freight or princess Auto stuff.

Anybody out there have dates of purchase and serial number ,we can see where we’re at now?

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Unless Primeweld has changed they never keep track of serial numbers on any of their units.

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Is this the same number for everyone?

This must be a sticker then? same serial number on every unit. Yes that’s pretty common for this type of product.

You think for quality control you would want unit serial number so we would know what batch had an issue or which technician was assembling it so if you had any issues you could go back and check it out, but on the other hand I guess it gives you some separation from responsibility to not have numbers because you can just say oh well we don’t know.


All Primeweld units have their own serial number. Primeweld just never kept track of them but they may have changed that now.

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Has anyone purchased a machine recently

what is the serial number?
What was their date of purchase?
Any issues?

If enough people do it I’m sure patterns will start to develop.

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Dustin from primeweld sent me an “updated” unit about 2 months ago to test out and it’s been flawless for me using the cnc port for divided voltage. That unit has the CNC port closer to the top right corner (above the fan guard) as opposed to it being on the bottom right corner as shown in your pic.

Apparently I’m 1 of 3 testers but not sure if they are all being used on the langmuir tables.

the only thing that caused interference was using an amazon non-branded 10’ USB cable. Firecontrol froze up duting cutting. BUT it worked fine with a Belkin 10’ USB cable.

S/N 321060060156 ordered Oct 8 and delivered Oct 14. I just got the Crossfire yesterday so haven’t been able to test yet.

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where is the cnc port located?

It’s the old style, lower left looking at the back. Maybe I bought it too early if there is an upgrade and option for machine torch. C’est la vie.

Ooopps, lower right looking at the back. I’m getting dyslexic in my doddering old age.

What’s the serial number on your machine?

C’mon dude. Look up about four messages. S/N 321060060156 if you can’t.