Z Axis Height Does Not Match Programmed Height - SOLVED DIP Switch Error

I was agreeing with Phillip with “something loose” but you cannot have something loose that is “loose by a consistent amount of 0.020”! (My thoughts are now thinking some resistance in the wiring or calibration of where the stepper motor drive is at any given time. But, I have no experience in this field).

Hopefully, Langmuir will weigh in early this next week. Unlikely they will during the weekend. I see they are replying now!!!

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Hey Everyone,

I’ll read through this today and brainstorm with the team first thing tomorrow morning!


Thank you Reilly!


Reilly, that would be absolutely awesome.

I am no expert in any field, but I am very mechanically inclined, have a digital multimeter and have experience with basic electrical work both household and audio equipment, and live 3 doors down from a licensed network technician/electrician that owns his own business if I needed help with something very specific that you guys need me to do.

Meaning, I’ll get my hands dirty as needed in trying to solve this issue.

I know my thread is very long, but I was hoping to be as thorough as I can be in every sense of the word.


@ChelanJim thank you I have had more than one extremely challenging family problems lately. I try to keep off the open forum. I will try to slow down later and reread through the thread.

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Maybe you have already done this.
But, If you haven’t tried this…it wouldn’t hurt:

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I will do that first thing tomorrow morning.

Already showered and now watching the little one.

Oh no! We have come too far. You owe it to mankind and … :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :crazy_face:

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Guessing maybe my table isn’t impervious to smells

You have a unique problem going on. I am at a loss I am sure langmuir will be back in touch with ideas. Wish I could have helped you figure it out! I am sure they will be more help.


@Kwikfab , Don’t know if this would help, but have you rebooted Fusion and Sheetcam maybe something is locked up and will not change the settings as needed.


I didn’t reboot my laptop today but I did two days ago.

I can reboot again in the next hour or two and run the non-firing file to try it.

I only have Fusion 360 and I wanted to eliminate me being the factor so Phillip made me cut files using Sheetcam.

Dumb question; what lines could we change in that file that would result in another change…something before cut height like springback or whatever?

Just to test out how much of the G code used in Firecontrol actually translates to movements in the table.

I don’t really know. But you are making changes but the controller or the program is not doing them

Get rid of the springback since it is 0.02 and that is the number you keep getting. I looked at my gcode and I put -0.02 for my springback in Fusion 360 Post processing and the gcode reads specifically: “G0 Z0. (IHS Springback + Backlash)”. (I never realized that it was actually ignoring my number).
So I would say try this:

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Yeah I wasn’t sure if it’d be that line or another before it but I’ll change it to 0 and run it in the next hour.

Of course after I restart my laptop again.

And notice there is “G0 Z0.” and that is it. There is the decimal without any figures after the decimal in my gcode and it runs fine. But it does have the “(IHS Backlash)” written as well. But, obviously, FireControl ignores whatever is in the parenthesis.

So this:
G90 G94
G20 (Units: Inches)
G92 Z0.
G38.2 Z-5.0 F100.0
G38.4 Z0.5 F20.0
G92 Z0.0
G0 Z0. (IHS Backlash)
G92 Z0.0
G0 Z0.15 (Pierce Height)
G4 P0.5
G1 Z0.06 F100.0 (Cut Height)
M5 M30

So then two questions -

  1. Have you seen the two videos I posted of me running that non-firing program?

  2. If so, you’ll notice the torch moves down…touches, moves up a hair, and back down a hair

Would the initial movement upward be the springback?

I saw the videos. But, the pierce height should be higher than any of the figures so it does not make sense that it goes “down” to the pierce height. Pierce height is usually more than twice the cut height.

Perhaps there is something corrupted and it is interpreting the code backwards. I don’t know.

Your torch never seems to get into the 0.15 inch range during/after that IHS calibration.

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Sorry disregard my last post; long 4 days and I do recall reading pierce height is X number of times higher than cut height, yet that fact left me when I saw the G code momentarily and thought I saw .015 not .15

Rest assured it is correct in my file as I’ve screenshotted it many times lol just tired and on my phone reading the latest posts.

I thought you were on “little one watch”. You really missed us, didn’t you! You old softie!