YesWelder Cut-65DS

Anyone in this group:

  1. use the YesWelder Cut-65DS ?
  2. use it successfully
  3. care to chat on the side?

Ready to junk my setup. Can’t get consistent cuts for the life of me!
Pressure, current, moisture, consumables, etc etc….
Nothing is repeatable!!


Did you happen to see this topic:

Although it is not the model you are speaking of, one member, @alexincali was having good success with the YesWelder Cut-55ds until it recently burned up.

I don’t have any experience with the YesWelder plasma cutter. I had chimed in on the other thread to say I was happy with the welder I got from YesWelder but cautioned another member that I was concerned about the lack of documentation with that welder and suggested a similar situation would probably exist with the plasma cutter.

Edit: I am sure you know this but just to be sure…YesWelder Cut 65DS comes in two versions: Non-HF start and regular. You would not be successful with the regular one.

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Yes. Not relative to my questions. I have the non-touch start type.

Just because its a non-touch start does not mean its a non-high frequency plasma cutter. There are a lot of non-touch plasma cutters that are high frequency and will not work with the Langmuir table.

Now if this is the non-high frequency plasma cutter with the so called ipt40 torch then most of your problem is the consumables. The consumables are not for a ipt torch they are for a trafimet s45 torch and the ones that come with it are DRAG tips and are 40 amp that you only use for hand cutting. Also there are no 65 amp cutting tips made for a S45 torch.

Even if this is a copy ipt 40 torch then there are no tips for it over 40 amps as a ipt 40 torch is only rated for 40 amps. You would need to get a ipt 60 torch to get consumables to 60 amps and you would need a ipt 80 torch to get consumables to 70 amp to cover the 65 amp output.


Before you throw it away connect with George @mechanic416 and make sure you have the right consumables for your torch.

Can you post a pic of the consumables you are using?

Yes. It’s non high frequency and yes. Its the IPT40 torch.
Now if what you’re saying is true then YesWelder is wrongfully selling a 65amp machine with a 40amp torch.
That said, I am not burning through consumables.
I’m just getting very inconsistent results regardless of the variable settings.

It does make sense that I’d need an IPT80 To get close to 65 amp settings though.

If you have ever noticed the instant damage to 45 amp consumables caused by firing 65 amps through them. You would understand the inconsistent cuts and bad quality. Yeah don’t ask how I know.
Don’t take offense but what you are doing doesn’t work try something else. @mechanic416 has forgotten more than we will know about a plasma cutter.

Share pictures and settings plenty of knowledge here to help.

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In willing to try things. But i have what i have.
That is a CUT-65DS.
Y’all keep saying the torch it comes with is the problem that’s fine.
The theory behind why is reasonable as well.
However as I stated, i have what the dealer sold me.
I’m looking for those who have used this particular setup with success. No offense, not looking for a thousand reasons why my setup sucks.
I’ve already discovered that.
So again, I’m looking for anyone that has had success with this particular setup.
If not, I’ll have to look into something else.

However Ive stated previously I’m not blowing out consumables. Just inconsistent results.
I can’t cut the same thing twice and no matter what or when i do cut, they suck.
If i have to cut all my settings down i will but please….

Someone who has this setup, please chime in.


i am in no way bashing your setup. i only stated that George he knows his stuff. he pretty much said you may have the wrong consumables and or torch.

with tweaking you can get better results. there may not be a regular on here with that setup so finding someone can take time if possible. the regular guys on here have been there done that seen most if not all pictures of your cuts and consumables and things like that will get you answers that might help. then all your settings.

something to look for these tables are known for the cut height to be off. have you verified that? that in itself can cause issues and a lot. on your nozzle if the hole isn’t round very round your cuts will be bad. many things can cause that.

honest if you come asking for help you will get it. yes, there is a few people that you have to look over if you are sensitive because that are honest. they know what they know and if they make a suggestion and someone doesn’t listen yeah, they understandable get rude. the people here will help if you let them.


I wasn’t trashing your setup. You said you were ready to junk it. Let’s make sure you have the right consumables for your torch. Easy as taking a pic and posting it on here. There was a user just last week with a hyanade cutter that had the wrong consumables for his torch… and yes they were the ones that came with the cutter from the seller. Not saying that’s the case for you for sure… but let’s eliminate it. If you are just wanting help from users of your machine I’ll move on.

In general there are three or four types of folks posting here… below is a list of member types is decending order. Aka most are in the top category… numbers go down from there.

1: Those who have a problem and are looking for help.

2: Those who are here to help.

3: Those who are here to vent and don’t want any help.

4: Those who have had success and are not looking for help.


Ever since, TinMan took a extended vacation, I need help. No wonder he’s tired. I’m actually a 3 1/2 on 72Pony scale.


I was just wondering if the stand-off nozzle cap that came with the machine has been replaced with the correct non-standoff one.


Hmmmmmmm what the hell is that?

This is the scale


Hmmmmm I didn’t even know that was a scale. I never get included. :frowning_face:

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You’re a 3.5 also. Here to vent/ Don’t need help. Right?

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Well I was thinking a 8.5 but I see the cut off is a 5. Do looks have anything to do with it? If so ya I’m very happy with a 3.5 :rofl:

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Pondering on this thread the op says can’t cut the same thing twice consistently. I now wonder if it may not be the plasma. There could be a chance it is the old slippage or another table issue

Oh @72Pony where do I fit in. I am thinking 12.5 the one that stirs the pot!:thinking:


You’re 3.5 also.

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