Y-axis upgrade with Stepperonline DM860T

Just wanted to share my experience while upgrading the Y-axis drivers with high power digital driver from stepperonline. These are the DM860T and cost about $45 each on amazon. I thought I would try them instead of spending more with driver that Langmuir offer at twice the price.

Here there is a video I took for the full process, including some issues and troubleshooting. They seem to work great in the end, at least from few simple test movement for now.

THe video is a bit long, but might be very useful to those that like me, wanted a step by step instruction. I decided to pull the trigger so others could benefit from my experience.

Comments are very welcome.



DM860T seems to be cheaper now.

Stepperonline has a huge range of pricing for the same product. It depends if you ship from China or the US, and then if you are ordering directly from them or through Amazon.

If you just want a few (and quick shipping) the cheapest option is to order them from Stepperonline directly from their US warehouse.

How well have these drives worked out so far? Having missed steps on my Y axis since upgrading fusion to allow rapid movements.

hi, so far so good. I think they are way more advanced then the langmuir upgrade for less then half the cost. I recommend them and also make sure that you try to square your gantry as much as possible. Missing steps is mainly caused by it. I did it twice and never lost steps after that. The new drivers are also way quiter.
Hope this helps.




This completely resolved my issue. Thank you. Hats off to you.

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Hi Ben, I am happy you got it sorted out. Do you feel the MR1 now runs quieter then before?


Do you happen to have a photo of the wiring for these, I have something messed up and I"m not sure what, I’m not an electronics guy so all of this is very confusing to me.

Hi, take a look at my video. I think there are tons of details there on the wiring if I recall correctly. It has been few months. It should be quite straight forward how to hook it up from there.
Let me know if you need some more info and I will try to dig some pictures if the video has some missing parts.

Can not get the y axis to move at all, if i put the old ones it fires right up

Did you make sure to adjust the control voltage switch from 24V to 5v on top of the drivers. By default these driver come set to 24V and you need to move the switch to 5V position. Then they will work.
Please check my video again very carefully. I cover that clearly.

Make sure you disconnect the power before doing any change and fire all back up.

I did the DM860T upgrade for both x and y. All is good except the x travel at 50 ipm. It’s loud! I try to avoid it but it would be nice not to have any loud noise.

I heard somebody else here in the forum with a similar observation. Stepper systems have resonance and it might be at that speed the entire system stepper, drivers and machine are close to the natural frequency of vibration and resonate a bit louder. I personally Have not noticed it, but I do not recall setting a speed of 50ipm

Maybe…that’s hard to test and remove for. Make sense. Darn it…

I did see someone say to lower the amperage setting on the driver to help eliminate noise. Mine are so much quieter already I didn’t even bother trying. lol

I haven’t seen or know how to deal with amperage settings. I do know the voltage settings and did make sure they are set to the single 5v.

There’s a table on the side of the driver that tells you which switches to set on the front to apply a particular amperage. If you didn’t adjust it you might want to check them anyway and ensure they aren’t too high or too low. If I recall langmuir’s are between 4 and 5 amps. Mine are set somewhere in there.

Have you tried running it to 50ipm to confirm?

I used same settings as Speppino did… as for dip switches.