Xbox controller and Firecontrol

I know there are a few other threads about this topic but they are older and don’t have much info. I am curious how well a game controller works with Firecontrol and if there is a specific controller one might recommend. I haven’t played videogames since the PS 1 and not much even then so I’m not up on game tech these days

Here is a thread that easier than Xbox controller

I do like that kind of plug and play, however I am interested in using it for all functions. I like the idea of program pause and program start functions as well as all the other functions at hand when I need it without being tied to the laptop

why not get a small usb wireless keyboard…

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I’m not married to the gaming controller at all and happy to consider other options, however they are made to fit the hand and less awkward to carry around, lots of buttons in a compact convenient package. Seems like a win to me.

The ergonomics of game controllers are unarguable but if FireControl supported assignable keys for onscreen buttons then the simplicity of the plug and play USB mini keypads like the one I use would be hard to beat. I can do most of what I want but it would be nice to assign unused keypad keys to something useful in FC. The effort and complexity of implementing the game controller is more than most non-technical people want to tackle. I have been in the computer biz for 40 years, working at the component level and even I just want something that works today.