Xbox 360 controller & Firecontrol?

Will we be able to use the xbox 360 controller with Firecontrol? I am assuming we would need a plugin.


While I haven’t tried it, any of the mentioned utilities in this article should get you the basic mapping so the controller will behave the same as the arrow keys…

Here’s the short cuts list from FireControl docs:

  • Jog X+: Right Arrow Key
  • Jog X-: Left Arrow Key
  • Jog Y+: Up Arrow Key
  • Jog Y-: Down Arrow Key
  • Jog Z+: Page Up Key
  • Jog Z-: Page Down Key
  • Toggle Nudge Jog: Tab Key
  • Start Program: ALT + R
  • Pause Program: Space Bar
  • Stop Program: ALT + S
  • Zoom in Visualizer: Mouse Scroll Up
  • Zoom out Visualizer: Mouse Scroll Down

Besides the ones listed in the article here is another mapper:
it’s shareware, but fully functional.
and another open source one:

I can’t vouch for any of them as I haven’t tried them.
If you try one and it works for you, please post back.

Ok! Thank you! I will give them a try. Definitely need something with this big of a table!


Ok. Keysticks with a wired Xbox controller works very well. Anybody who plays video games or has done key binding before should be fine. Took me maybe 20 minutes to set up.

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I asked about Joystick support when the Firecontrol software first came out. It’s on the devs list but not really a priority (that may have changed in the 9 months ish since it was announced).

Got a play station controller working on mine with a Macbook, it works well the only issue is that there are not enough keyboard shortcuts enabled in firecontrol. Has anyone found macros to work? I wish @langmuir-reilly would consider more keyboard short cuts.

Using Enjoyable to program the interface for the game controller to the Mac.

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