Additions to fire control?

Can we have a move to zero, and move to “home” buttons added to fire control.

Move to zero would be great after loading material and wanting to return to zero to start a Program.

Move to home, ideally would be a spot at the back in order to get the carriage & gantry out of the way to load material onto the table. This could be a user definable point for ease of access.

These two would save a lot of time jogging.

Not sure how much of a programming pain it would be, and I would assume, roll out a download and update for users.

As well, a menu with option to add pendant for controlling table. Could use a pc or gaming controller and options to set up what buttons perform what tasks in fire control.

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There already is a “Go to XY Zero” button, or you looking for each axis individually.

As for go to home, without limit switches there is no way for the machine to know where that is. So the best you can do is pick a point, press the “Zero all Axes” button, then use the “Go to XY Zero”. Or do you want to have two buttons one to define “home” and another to “move to home”? Normally it’s done with limit switches, so that it’s a repeatable position after cycling power.

There are both freeware and ‘for purchase’ apps out there that will let you map a game controller to keyboard, see this thread

Give it a try. I’m still waiting on my table.

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I must have completely missed the go to zero button.

Yes a separate button all together for go to home, and don’t need limit switches for this.

Just an additional User defined point, similar to zero’Ing and then hitting go to zero. User pics the point at which is easiest to load material, defines this point as “home, xyz, abc, etc” button just auto jogs to that point when pressed.

Thanks for the link on pendant, I hadn’t seen that thread.

Me too… I wish the Fire Control had a simulate routine that could be run without having the table hooked to my laptop. While waiting I am trying to learn the software, but without the table, you cant do anything with Fire Control… bummer :unamused:

Download the demo version of sheet cam if you want to see simulation. It’s only 180 lines but it really helps see mistakes in the file.

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To further expand this discussion after getting going,

An option in addition to a button for a defined location to load material,

A program zero, separate from machine zero would be nice.

This way you can set machine zero at whichever corner is convenient, and then set program zero to edge of material to cut from. The two wouldn’t affect each other.

Set machine zero, this could allow for programming limits based on dimensions as to not hit the actual machine limits,

Then set program zero to get the torch to the edge of the the plate you are cutting.

I know the program limits, would be quite additional programming, as it essentially offsets the WCS and then has to know if that WCS is going to be outside the user defined table limit.

Just spit balling some ideas of where to go with fire control in the future


@langmuir-daniel @langmuir-mike

Yes, machine zero and program zero would be helpful. Now once you go to your second part you loose all reference as to where you are on the table.