Wiring torch on off on Titanium 45A

I have assembled my Crissfire Pro and hooked up the THC controller to my Titanium 45A plasma cutter. Do I still need to wire in the on off to my plasma cutter or does the THC take care of this. If I still have to wire it in I need instructions. My plasma cutter does not have a CPC port.

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If you’re operating a torch height controller THC there is four wires that need to goto your plasma cutter.

One pair would be for the raw voltage measurement, this is used for the torch height ight THC controller.

The other pair is the trigger to turn the plasma torch on.

Here is a link to a topic discussing the trigger wiring of the titanium 45.

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Welcome to the forum. A very useful thing to learn to use the search tool (magnifying glass in upper right corner). @TinWhisperer clued you in to a good thread on this topic, but the search tool will find lots of other good info.