Wiring Razorweld45 without Voltage Divider for THC

Hope this helps people who are about to start buiding their Pro tables, and if you were anything like me who bought the original Crossfire with the Razorweld45 and has upgraded to the new Pro table, well I hope this helps. I am not confirming or denying the proper way to wire your Razorweld45 but this is how I wired mine.
Using Ring Terminals with heat shrink, I crimped them and added additional electrical tape.
I also secured the wires inside with zip ties to prevent any tension onto the the wires themselves incase you pull them by mistake



Great job. I had some honey-dos since I was gone for a whole week. I was able to get to the HD and pick up the parts for my tray drain but didn’t get over to CTGolfer’s to pick up my RW45 (using a Hypertherm on the Pro).

We should see if Langmuir could make this a sticky so other RW45 Pro users would have the pics they need.

I am thinking I am going to spend the money and buy a Hypertherm with a CPC for the pro, and use this Razorweld with the regular Crossfire and use it when they come up with a Z axis

Thanks for pinning this @langmuir

I did this wiring, but the THC doesnt show Voltages at all. I tried to run it and the system stops; saying that the THC voltage is out of range. @langmuir-daniel, what could be the problem?

@shaunlb Can you send a picture of your full setup and wiring into the VIM module?

sure. I will get that now. I will send it via DM in the forum. Thanks.

Sounds good thank you! We will take a look.

Did you connect that THC cable to the PV output of the VIM module

Yes I did everything as per the instructions. When the torch makes its first Peirce it read like .5 volts or something minimal like that

How did you connect the cables to the plasma cutter? Did you connect it with Ring terminals, crimped the cable then use heat shrink?

Thank you for your post and your much needed information. I will give it a try. Just to be clear. You are plugging into the box with the banana plugs? Thank you again.

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Can you elaborate on what you mean by plugged into the box? Which box are you referring to

yes, i am using the banana plugs. I also found that i was still getting THC interrupts due to frequency noise and finally installed a USB isolator to fix THC errors. Once I did this all THC problems went away. https://www.amazon.com/SMAKN-Isolator-Digital-Isolation-Industrial/dp/B00XXPO4UG/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=USB+Isolator&qid=1592241893&sr=8-6

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not sure if this is the right thread but I have been trying to make my first cut and I cannot get my razorweld to fire. in Fire control it says the torch started to move before any voltage was sensed??? I do not have air hooked up to the system either.

With out air nothing will work.

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George! I’m surprised that you didn’t say VERY VERY DRY air! Gobsmacked even…

I get tired of sayn the same thing over and over and over and---------------


ok got the air hooked up with inline dryer but darn thing still wont fire… (yes the razorweld is on lol). I keep getting “torch moved before sensing voltage”

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