Why doesn’t the machine have drag chains?

Just curious, my $1400 xcarve used drag chains, and so do the big waterjets at work. It seems like a nicer solution than the hanger thing similar to my crossfire. Would it be a good add on to do while building the machine?

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so…many people have added drag chains to their tables…and they have done a great job doing it…so it can be done

you really can not compare a x-carve with a Langmuir table…
steel frame with legs vs. table top unit
steel rails vs. aluminum rails
steel slats and holder vs optional wood base
it goes on…

a drag chain for a plasma table needs to be UV protected and be big and strong enough to hold the plasma torch cable…which is not very flexible…and each plasma company has different materials for their torch lines making them stiffer…durable…

Langmuir designed and built a line of tables with the best options in a perfect price range…adding a drag chain system would add costs that would push a lot of people out of the range to purchase a table.

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I’m not really complaining, I have a crossfire and my MR-1 should be here next month. I will say the build of the machine vs the xcarve has nothing to do with if it should have them. Drag chains would add $50-75 probably looking at Amazon which is not a small amount on the total price of the machine. I was curious if there were any other reasons besides price not to go that route.

Hot shavings would melt to them probably.

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Because they are a mess to clean wet shavings out of. I’d much rather wipe off a cable. I do like them on my laser because it’s not kicking material all over the place.


Our smaller machines use cable support tubes because thats all that is required to keep them from interfering with he cutting process. The larger the cut envelope is, the taller the cable support tube must be. That’s why the PRO tube is much taller than the CrossFire tube.

CrossFire XR uses drag chains because the size of the cut envelope requires it.

People are of course free to install drag chains on the smaller machine if they wish, but it certainly not required to have a good performing machine.

Edit: just saw that question was referring to MR-1. Yes chip accumulation will prevent the proper cycling of drag chains. Additionally, the machines smaller cut envelope demands only the need for a cable support tube.


I chose to design these clamps to tidy up the cable pole over drag chains.They have worked well.


Love that. I really need to get a 3D printer some day.


3d printer is a great way to soend $100-200 these days. I have just an original ender3 and it’s been 95% flawless and gives me great prints.

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I added cr touch to mine and its been alot better.

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