What's the largest thing you've cut

Im looking into getting the crossfire with the xl kit and was wondering if anyone has made cuts larger then the bed and if so how did you cut halfway then cut the other half thanks for your time and any information

Search for ‘Indexing’. I’ve cut yard art 72 inches long on my 2x2


Ok thanks i will and i dont plan on cutting large things all the time just trying to learn and figure out my options how tall was your yard art 72 by what

A little less than X max (about 23-24 inches IIRC). Y axis it virtually unlimited, the Y rail gets in the way of anything larger than X Max.


Ok cool would you happen to have a picture of the 72x23 yard art you cut it out in one piece

See also:

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My next oversized project (a spreading tree of Life) is too big in both directions so…
It will be made from 2 sheets of 24x72 material cut in two different jobs. The first one will have three segments covering the top half of the tree. The second job will be the bottom half but the vectors from the two jobs overlap along a set of branches in the middle. Along the overlap I’ll ‘drill’ some matching holes for rivets which join the top and bottom together. Since the overlap is from an identical set of vectors, the back part will be hidden by the front part…


Please share when you make it

I usually do.

Maxed my pro with this one. The largest most detailed piece I’ve done since June when i started really getting into it. Donated it to my local Fire Dept.

Also gave this one to them as well, a bit smaller.


thay is one sweet firman file…where did you get it?

Both from Esty, they were a nightmare of messed up nodes though lol I added the specifics to the first one there wasn’t a spot for it.