What's going on? .. Poor cuts (solved)

Trying to cut this piece. As it cuts, it is welding itself back together. What am I doing wrong?

Is that a new file?? Trashed consumables? Work clamp not on the material? Moisture problem?

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First thing your doing wrong is coming in here looking for help and just saying “its welding itself back together”

First of all search the forum by clicking on the magnifying glass in top right of your screen.
If you find something close, look through it.
It might help you, if not at least you can get a idea of what information is needed to for someone to help you!

Then come back and add the info to this thread for help.

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There are a number of things that could be wrong. It could be bad consumables, cut speed too high, pierce delay too short, wrong cut height, etc.

Tell us what you’re doing and maybe we can tell you what you’re doing wrong.


That might be too fast of a cut speed?

I’m going to go back and check the file I posted.


here is the g code i posted to fireshare


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250 IPM is probably going to be too fast for anything other than a Hypertherm and we don’t know how many amps the OP is using.

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Yes when you download it you have the option to enter your own information so it would be interesting to see the OP’s code

I got it to finally cut. I ended up getting a bigger compressor. That made a BIG difference.


I am going to cut the project for the first time today myself.

Are you #$&#@#&* with us???

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That translates to uh no.

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That is great your problem is sorted out.

Lets see some finished pictures.

@OHejlYeah May I mark this topic solved?

Yes sir. Thanks for your help, and I do appreciate the courtesy you’ve always shown me. Here is the cut result.