What have you done on your CrossFire Pro Today?

I think you might be able to clean that up and get some cuts out of it. :thinking:


Is this one of your pups?


Still need to make one of our other dog


Awesome artwork from that photo. How did you do it?

I would like to know how this was done as well? We have a 13 yr old chocolate lab that we have to lay to rest soon so I would like to capture some images before then.


As always @DonP you come to my aid. Not sure what us newbies would do without all the great knowledgeable folks like your self. I will take a look at this today.


Easy scribed a clock the other day in aluminum. I used the hatch command to create lines 0.008" apart. It took over 6 hours but turned out perfect. This truly shows how precise the motion control is on the crossfire pro.


Thanks @DonP for the image trace demo.

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I got two paint jobs finished, as well as cut a camping sign for a friend and his wife who are about to retire. The wife pulled the starting image from Amazon I believe. so no Fireshare for this one.

I may repaint the blue. Only blue I had and the Bears color is darker.

Guys wife wants to paint this one.


Nice looking projects.


I finally circled back to my nemesis, my take on @DnKFab triaxle truck. I wanted to make this for a friend whose son started his own trucking company and is doing very well. His Dad is really proud.

I tried several times before and failed. I thought my modifications had doomed it! Anyway, got back to it today and cut it. It’s not a very clean cut, but I did at least get a completed version with only minor defects. I had beveling and some jagged edges. Also a mystery pierce that doesn’t show up on sketch.

I am sure he would be thrilled with this version,…but I may have to try again. I hate any defects.

I think I posted the bottom portion before with company name. It looks really great.


That really is a cool looking image. I think it looks great.

The only thing that caught my eye was this (and I don’t think it would be of concern:

Edit: If you’d like Erik or I could stop by and weld that gap closed?! :rofl:


That was actually intentional, but you’re right, it kind of looks “incomplete” now that it’s cut out. Same with the left side of the flag… looked better in digital than steel!

I was going for a bit of artistic balance/flair by leaving both sides and top of the flag a bit incomplete. Maybe I should stick to being a metal hack and forget any idea about having the artistic gene.


That is how we all learn stuff. Some of these trains of thought take us somewhere special.

I say “if you are not failing sometimes you are not trying very hard.” Actually, I never said that. But, you know what I mean. :roll_eyes: :rofl:

Bottom line: I think the piece looks good and your friend and his son will love it. Please don’t use my critique as a way to evaluate your success.


Looks great just the way it is, I am sure the guy would be proud to put it up for display …


Thanks. I got all the pieces cut this evening. I may let him decide the colors. Then again, I may not be able to wait to see it painted… :grinning:



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You could use the same color as his truck. He is going to love it!


Here’s a design I did for my friends mom, tribute to their late dog. It’s going on their shed out back.