Family picture into cut SVG

So, this quick way to start a design or making a picture into a cut file. These turn out amazing on a laser but i have seen other make a picture image with metal. I’m always doing new things and playing around so someone ask if i could do quick video on a family picture so just sharing with everyone. I’m sure there are many ways to do it, but this is just one easy way that I found months ago.

Background remover -
Remove Background from Image for Free –

image to SVG converter -


These look like great tools! I’ll have to try them! Thanks for posting.

The audio in the video is very poor, however… :slightly_frowning_face:

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Sorry I forgot my mic/speaker in my office. Really hard to hear me when I do these on my kitchen island.

Don, you gave me the encouragement to work on this pic:

Made this body:

Thanks for sharing your ideas.


Has anyone tried to convert a photo to halftone? That is a project on my list.

I have not but here is a site that will convert your file:

I would imagine that would be pretty intense for the set of consumables.

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For sure I actually had seen someone that done it once. Did some research a while back. Looks pretty cool though.

Don, thanks for that!

I considered getting Lightroom or a lite version of Photoshop or something for background removal.

Anyway, I spent about 2 minutes and came up with this already.


I use green screen and back lighting, makes it a lot easier.


Looks great! I’m guessing your welding studs in back of your metal? Then drilling holes in rock and epoxy them on the stone?

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Yes, you can see a slight deformation where the studs are from the heat.

Still looks great to me. I was more curious about what glue or epoxy you use for attaching to the rock? I haven’t did this yet and might have do one.

I just used plain generic epoxy that comes in the self mixing syringes. There is really no load on it to speak of. Just make sure the dust is blown out of the holes good.


Turning a family picture into a cut SVG sounds like a fun and creative project. I’m always amazed by how people come up with cool ideas to personalize things. I can completely relate to missing family, especially after making a big move across the world. :cry: It can be tough being far away from loved ones. I’ve been thinking of ways to bring a piece of home into my new place, too. One idea I had was to place some pictures of us on the walls to keep them close, you know? I even stumbled upon Picture Framing Sydney, which seems like a great way to make those family photos match the style of my new apartment.

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