What have you done on your CrossFire Pro Today?

Dumb Boaters and Joe Biden!!! I’m going to send a picture of us. Fourth of July has sent him to the islands for now.


Hmmmmm, I would have guessed more bird related topics, or at least girls

Maybe some of the dumb boaters are girls?..

Sounds like they have spent some time talking about an “old bird”

Looks like he has both of your topics covered. :joy: :rofl: :joy:


I bet most of the time they are pretty one sided!

Football season is coming up soon! I added basic helmet DXF to fireshare. Easy enough to add favorite team to the helmet. Let me know if you run into issues and need help.

football helmet | FireShare | Langmuir Systems



Daughter asked for lighted sign for her room…

Princess with wall bracket | FireShare | Langmuir Systems


WOW nice work @DonP


Tin, this guy DonP is freaking awesome :+1::grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks guys.

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I slowly drained my table overnight. I have only been cutting on it for about 7 months, hobby level usage. Probably could have gone longer because I fish out a lot of the drops. I have a friend whose wife uses them in crafts. However, I made a dumb mistake.

I have no municipal water supply. The well water in my area has very high iron content. I haul my table water from my brothers place. Two weeks ago I decided to use some water from my rain barrel water off my garage roof.. Sure, I noticed a little algae, “but hey, that’s why I buy that expensive water treatment solution, right?”. Wrong.

Temps reached +90 in my darage this week and I didn’t have time for any cutting. A slime algae developed across the top of my water. I scooped a lot off, but just decided maybe it was time to clean the whole tray.


I halfway expected to see some little tadpole eyes in that slurry! Good lesson to all.

Too bad about your water supply. That is a lot of effort that many do not have to worry about.


Yeah, coffee makers, water for radiators, laundry and bathing soap performance, metal plumbing lines, car batteries,… it’s amazing how many things are affected by either the actual iron, or the reduced solubility of the water.

BTW, there WERE tadpoles in the barrel. I just scooped them out of the bucket before I added the water to the table. The mosquito larvae, meh, let those suckers die!

Edit: This time of year, I had no excuse for using the rain barrel water. I carry the water from my basement dehumidifier out to the garage and use that for table make-up water. I just got lazy!


I use rain water also but mine is ran through a filter (its the water system for the whole shop) I don’t think I have ever had that problem but I always drain my table after use and it gets filtered at that point also. I do get a slimy/oily skim on top of the water but I thought that was just from the process.


You remind me of this cartoon:


Someone posted a tabletop Rose this morning so I made a remix and gave it a real rose look for fun. I almost had to pull out blow torch to bend the pedals but good enough for the girls I hang out with…jk

I’ll use 20ga or less for pedals if I make another one.

Rose in full bloom | FireShare | Langmuir Systems


Some more receiver hitch prototyping today…


DonP, you are truly awesome. You come up with some cool stuff.

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I never thought about making receiver hitch plates:

I’m gonna have to come up with a Harley one, or maybe a Toyota Tacoma one.


@Knick if you are using sterling cool according to the product rep the foam/ surface scum is part of sterling cools additive package to repel oils from the material and make it removable from the liquid. It was added at the request of John Deere.

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I had another water leak pop up just before I drained my table due to the algae issue shown above. I decided to put this to bed once and for all. Pulled on the big boy pants and took the big swing: I cut the bolts slots out and fusion welded the flanges together. Should’ve done that from the get go.

So far no leaks.

Fingers crossed as I am not too handy with the TIG welder.