Water table from freezing

Has anyone used or thought about using rv antifreeze/windshield fluid/other agent in their water table to keep the water from freezing?

There is a long discussion about this. I’ll try and find it but search it.

Edit: here are two threads there are more if you just search it.

There are some you “can” use… whether or not you should is questionable.

I think the safest best option is to use additives designed for plasma cutting. Or just use water.


@72Pony is right…many discussions on this…the frozen water is not an issue…just cut away …the ice will melt…

putting chemicals in the water not designated for plasma cutting is asking for health issues real fast…


There is a Special Green Plasma Table cutting fluid for Low Temps for Cold storage to help keep the fluid in the table from Freezing. I just learned the other day when I ordered my Green 1050 and found out it is a different version of a
similar product for Plasma tables. An additive called Plasma Add AF will prevent Plasma Green 1050 solutions from freezing to temperatures well below 0 F. You simply add a little table side for temps at 32F, or more Plasma Add AF for lower temps.

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