Cutting table fluid.antifreeze?

What is the coldest temperature anybody has run there CFPRO in ? And is it ok to run in that temperature ???

I run mine easily at 40F…any lower and I might worry on the cold bearings and cold computer box…might get condensation inside the pC box…to avoid condensation inside the box I would run it for about 1/2 hour before and after cutting.

I just ran mine at 20 deg. Drain line froze had to thaw it to drain pan oops. Probably not the best idea but I had a few signs to cut

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you could put a water heater like the ones used for cattle to keep the table from freezing…

Lowest I’ve ever run mine is 70*F and it worked fine! :rofl: :beers:


As I don’t use the table every day or week. I drain and dump the water after every use. Hopefully I will get concrete floor and shed insulated an heated this year. Then I will build a good water system. Only reason it froze is because I cut the three signs and started doing other stuff instead of draining the table. All it took was a halogen light under the table for about 5 min to thaw the lines. Just pex tubing running to the edge. To drain into five gallon buckets easier than reaching the under table

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I’ve only only used mine around 45 degrees.

An experience from many years ago taught me that 10 degrees is too cold to power on electronics. A customer fried a $35k computer by turning it on after it spent the night in their trunk. If it gets that cold let it warm up a while before powering on.

Aww poor Cletus! Did you have to put on insulated flip flops?


The other night it was 26 degrees in my shop and I was cutting without any problem, I haven’t had time to build a storage tank and pump system for my table yet so I am using just regular water and completely cleaning the table weekly. I didn’t think about the table freezing since I am not use to this cold of a climate. I did dump 2 gallon of boat and rv antifreeze into my table to prevent freezing, the stuff is really cheap.

I would not use a table that has the antifreeze in it…the fumes of the burning antifreeze could be hazardous…that stuff was not designed for being exposed plasma heat and burned off…

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That tickles a memory. Seems like I had read somewhere that some RV antifreeze is ok and some is bad news. I could be hallucinating again, tho I promise I’m just starting the first shot of whiskey.

Correct. Ethanol based (or ethanol blends) are flammable with a flashpoint of only 232F and a “fire fire” temp in the range of 650-950F.

Propylene glycol base RV antifreeze is classed as non-flammable. If you get it hot enough it will burn though as the water g propylene vaporize leaving glycol which will burn. Just not likely to happen in an open water tray plasma setup.


All antifreeze I have ever read about are poison. I use only water in all my coolers and keep the shop heated to 55*. If its cold enough to freeze water its to cold to use the CNC table.

I ran mine today and it was 10 degrees outside. I turned on my heater and got the inside temp up to about 60 degrees as I had some work to do on the metal lathe. My crossfire pro worked just fine as I had to cut two signs this afternoon. I use a tank heater to keep the water in my table from freezing. it maybe a little bit of an over kill but I have livestock and had a spare tank heater and thought why not and pull 3 slats out and put my tank heater in.

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The RV / Marine antifreeze that I use is designed for potable water systems and winterizing swimming pools and it is completely non toxic. I use the walmart supertech brand which is $2.99 a gallon. The main ingredients are water, propylene glycol and glycerine which is what is used in vape juice and skin care products. It also acts as a corrosion inhibitor and since it already has water in it I use it at anywhere between 1/2 and 3\4 strength.

I use sterling cool and was told it has a low freezing point that they put in it when they make it . And considered that when they designed it… And no secret problems !!! I talked to the guy at sterling cool about it for a long time before I bought it. To each its own but I use what is designed for the process !!!

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part of your information is correct…but not all side effects of vaping have been found of yet…

vaping does not burn the chemiclas…it vaporizes them…

but when you actually burn it some chemicals the properties change

When propylene glycol is heated it may change the chemical composition and produce
propylene oxide in a little amount which is known as carcinogen

Another substance in electronic cigarette is formaldehyde which is categorized as a carcinogen. Formaldehyde is known as a result of the degradation products of propylene glycol and glycerol during the process of evaporation and incomplete combustion

put stuff in your water that is designed to be used in plasma cutting…

if you worry about the water freezing put a small heater in the water…like one used for farm animal water trays…or a magnetic one for engine heaters…


A clip from the MSDS for RV anti freeze

currently I am using KCI plasma green 9010

I have used green cut in the pass it also worked good

I also use the anti foam

If you pull the msds for many of the off the shelf plasma table fluids you will see the main ingredient being propylene glycol including the greencut products.

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Here is the basics of this…

  • plasma cutting fluids are designed for plasma cutting.
  • Antifreeze for other uses are designed for other uses

have you read the back or the bottle…I found this on the back of one posted on Walmart…
that would make me think twice…

@Kj6bab please keep in mind we are only looking out for each others well being here…we are not ganging up or wanting to fight…just friendly open discussion