Upgrades and must have add on's?

I have a pro coming this week and looking to see what upgrades are out there and ones that are a must! Please be break it down like i said im new here.

Thank you

I added a shelf underneath that holds the plasma cutter.

I am going to meantion something about shelves under the table…try to avoide bolting a shelf to the legs…if you are 1/8" out and pull the leg by that much you risk the top of the table forcing itself out of square by at least 1/8" at minimum…I know…mine did…I had to resquare my whole table and then rebuild my shelf to be a rolling platform the table sits on.

I am not saying this will happen to everyone…but it can…

I agree it is easy to do…but I found that after building a platform for my table to sit on I actually raised the table by 6" and now is easier to work on…

Langmuir also reccomends not to build a shelf and fasten it to the legs…but to place it on a rolling platform…


You can kinda see what’s being suggested about a shelf /rolling platform in this pic of my table.

Better pics here:

Pimp My Pro- Mods and Addons - CrossFire ® PRO - Langmuir Systems Forum


That makes sense, I’m going to build it like you did. Thanks for the idea!:+1:

I did three things and I cannot believe it doesn’t come with them. 1.) Leveling Wheels 2.) Dimple die the drains and 3.) Piped a PVC from both drains to the front left corner to empty the table. I do that after each days use.

I also put truck bed liner on the table but that isn’t necessary, but I am glad I did.

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BTW I think this is likely the best idea versus wheels on the legs like I did. Though I like story my water in five gallon pails under the table (on the floor)

I would also add that the area under the table is not great storage as when the plasma finishes it can blow water around the area .

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I can store my water on the rolling platform…keeping it off the floor…and easily roll the whole table out of the way to vacuum the floor to prevent extar dust being blown all around…ahahahahahah


Bed liner? I dont follow why you would do that?

I figured it would seal it again and make it easier to clean.