Updates on Titan 25 Ship Dates?

I’m sure it is. They’re not conmen they always delivered thus far with previous products but the silence up until the first machine is shipped is bizarre.

While i do want one asap i dont want one before knowing with certainty what im getting.


ORDER #73056 is there a list of orders and ship dates?

Has anybody gotten any news on a shipment for the first few orders? Seriously though. anybody get a ship date yet?

___________________________________________ this is where the “get your deposit back if you dont like it post can go” so I get an actual answer.

Hey Langmuir? got any updates?

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I have not

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Got my balance payment yesterday. I completed the order and was told my press will ship next week Friday!

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So it’s shipping with no content at all for you to know what the final version looks like or info on using it or anything… Just pay for it and we’ll figure it out later.

No one at Langmuir can take 5 minutes to snap a photo and comment here or Facebook.

For a successful business this is so bizarre.

The lack of transparency is a real bummer.

How much even is shipping?

there are pictures and videos of the press running on their website along with all of the specifications. no different than any of their previous releases. based off of that, and knowing how well their customer service has been on my other Langmuir machines is all I need to feel confident ordering one of these. Shipping charge to Michigan was around $800.


I am starting to share some of your feelings too

We still haven’t seen the updated punch clamp. It’s removed in the most recent photo they shared.

The previous rendition was actually a safety concern.

It just feels like it would take very minimal effort to post an update with some content. They keep saying stay tuned tons of content coming.

I’m sure it is, but the timeline is whack.

Hey guys, totally understand the apprehension surrounding the lack of content leading up to the release date. I’ll do my best to offer an explanation.

The final weeks leading up to a release are always intense. There are lot of things that all need to tie out before machines can ship. Aside from the obvious task of getting machines assembled, fully tested, and crated, our teams are working really hard on the following:

  • Making the finishing touches on the software and firmware. 4 of our 6 developers are working full time on this effort. The functionality is all there, the team is just working on boring stuff like OS optimization and remote firmware/software updates via wi-fi. And of course lots and lots of testing.

  • Writing the operating manual. This is about 90% done. This manual describes every software function and provides explanations for how it all works, how to program parts, etc.

  • Writing the assembly manual. This contains five main sections: back gage assembly, material support arm assembly, lifting procedure, and press brake stand assembly. Drafts of these are complete and will be handed off to the technical support engineering team next week for final vetting (i.e. run through each process and find any errors/typos, etc.)

  • Integrating the technical content (operating and assembly manuals) into the online website. This is a heavy lift and of course cant begin until these manuals are completed and vetted next week.

Nearly all of our non-production workforce is committed to working the above items to completion. Our marketing department is seriously chomping at the bit to produce and release content, but they can’t do that without engineering support, and I need the engineering team working on the above. The content will come, but for now we need to focus on getting things across the finish line over the next 2 weeks.


Any takers on an over / under for August 1?

Mr. Daniel, thank you for the update. any chance of you getting some candid shots of the line or units in work? If we all promise not to critique the pics at least Tinwhisperer wont have to make some up. we are all excited about this delivery and appreciate all the work you and your team is completing.

we sure could use some pics.


…and …don’t forget… you won’t get Tetanus looking at pictures of mine! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


fo realz …

Website say ships fully assembled and ready for work. now there is a assembly manual? :rofl:


The machine is fully assembled. The back gage, material supports, and stand the user has to assembly, and therefore has an assembly manual.


Honestly that aspect of assembly was always understood.

Thank you Danny for the update.


I did not know that

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Order 67391, Got the email this morning to order, order placed.


I’m so relieved that some of these guys can finally get some sleep tonight. I’m planning to watch some YouTube videos in the next few days.


Has there been any mention what kind of power cord/receptacle will be needed for the machine?