Updates on Titan 25 Ship Dates?

ORDER 69774 placed on Jan 15

Mid May has arrived. maybe a pic? 20 days since radio silence was broken. do they post on another location like facebook? is this forum basically the same 8 people working in their bubble?

add the “if you don’t like it, then get your deposit back post here” __________________________

but it would be nice to see something. just sayin.

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Ask and ye shall receive… I got in on the first batch. it showed up last week… (see pic below) I think/hope the next batch will be a little more refined. :wink: :rofl:

Obviously kidding.

I know I promised you I would move on, so I am ducking back out of this one. But,
Looking at the posts above it appears some people are getting responses to private inquiries. I hope you get an update… and yours is in the mail soon… no idea if they post updates on FB.





I now need a tetanus shot just looking at this pic, thanks for that. It looks like the computer screen has been made smaller from the prototype to the videos they posted 5-6 months ago.
At least your welder has a faint blue hue to it but that might not last much longer.

is that a Harbor Freight Jack Stand in the back? oh, and don’t ever spill this in your shop… it would make your shop disappear. all you would see after 10 minutes is a miller 210 and some blue foam. out in your yard.



Ha!! Its worse than you think… That shop was cobbled together with headstalls from a defunct dairy. It’s not pretty… and it’s not mine but I am thankful to be allowed to use it. My FIL built it when he gave up on the dairy business and became a shop teacher at the Local HS. The only thing in the pic that is mine is the Miller 252… I couldn’t tell you anything about the jack stand. My FIL passed away a year ago. I am in the process of cleaning out the shop and insulating it… don’t worry about me, I am up to date on my tetanus shots. :wink: We are in the process of building a home… my wife promised if we stay on budget, I can build a new shop and we will eventually turn the “shop” back into a barn or tear it down… I am not holding my breath. :rofl: :rofl:

Oh, and if you think it’s ugly on the inside you should see the outside. You can see it in on the right edge of the pic below. (it’s the brown one) :rofl: :rofl:

Send some pics of your shop. I am always looking for ideas of how to improve.


All you need is a lawn chair, some 50-year-old scotch, and a good cigar. Hell with the shop


I am a little afraid to share this with you… might send you straight to the ER… A few years ago, I was doing some structural evaluations of buildings in Hawaii and came across some minor corrosion issues. :wink: :rofl: Job security! The stain and bubbling paint on masonry was my clue I needed to look harder.


Hey how did you get pictures of my Toyota frame!!!

That is scary for sure!!!


Damn, that’s a great view. I recently closed the lease space, 1400 sq ft, sold the HAAS and yesterday the forklift left on the flat bed. we are downsizing for the move back to the low country. This Titan (if it ever shows up) will go in the garage at the house. I think the only people who made money over the last 7 years was the lease space folks. I really shouldn’t knock your space. It is yours and not rented. So although it is rusted, you win.


yikes. I assume that isn’t wet cardboard? if you said you were thumbing a brownie this would make sense.

That is a sweet shop!!

Ha! no that’s Hawaiian Iron. :wink: :rofl:
Pretty common to see there actually.

You are fortunate to have some garage space you can use!! I used to… When I got married, I was living alone in a 3200-sf house and a two-car garage… When we got home from the HM my stuff started going in the basement… from the basement it was moved to the garage. from the garage to an old crappy shed. My snowmobile trailer turned into a temporary storage shed for my best stuff. :wink:

Our new house will be a little bigger and have a large 3 car garage I made extra deep so I have plenty of room for the Mega Cab… I hope I can at least have enough space for my truck and my road bike… I will probably have to settle for just the bike. :wink: :rofl:

My stuff aint great… but it’s all paid for.


lol… you gotta put those terms in the vows. nobody said it has to be per the bible verse. To have, to hold through rich and poor… and I get the garage. I am still making room to bring it all home.

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You’re not allowed to ask.

No previews of production no demo of the software no nothing.

Ask and you’re just crying.

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lol… right!?
no news for you! … next!