Updates on Titan 25 Ship Dates?

Langmuir has been pretty quiet about delivery schedules… Kind of like that one Kickstarter campaign I gave to that never delivered. In these kinds of situations its better for a company to over communicate than under communicate… or in the case of Langmuir, not communicate.

Has anyone received any info? I’d like to get a general idea as well as find out if/when they will reach out to see if I want to add to my initial launch day order. I emailed them but never received a reply.

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This is what they posted in December .

but different because this is a refundable pre order for a product and kick starter is a pledge for a no guarantee “reward”. This pre order model has worked for Langmuir the last 4 times they have rolled out product, I assume they will also be successful this time.

True it has been quite. No news is good news hopefully. last really update i ve since was about the new tool hold design about a month ago.

This is the respond i received to that question “Please keep in mind pre-selected accessories are for internal/inventory purposes. You will finalize all add ons when we reach out that your system is ready!”


I was told around May or June for me and I ordered during PRI

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Thanks @TinWhisperer for the detailed reply. Let’s hope for that May/June timeline. I would still like to hear more from Langmuir like “we are still on track for starting deliveries in May”. Some people are trying to make production plans around this machine…

Thats not always a good idea


I concur. I won’t go into it, but I made that mistake on my first CNC machine tool purchase (a CNC mill about 15 years ago), and I don’t make it anymore. I don’t assume I know when something will arrive or what it will be able to do till it’s under power doing what I expect it to.

Don’t make promises or plans unless you have 100% control of every step of a process, or at least have a plan for when the person you’re relying on doesn’t follow through if you’ve made promises you can’t keep.


@langmuir-reilly How is the Titan 25 delivery date looking ?

That’s almost always a bad idea. Until you have the machine in hand as well as some way of repairing it in a hurry, you can’t reliably commit to delivering something to someone else. This is most especially true of brand new products that aren’t in stock. It’s not just you that doesn’t have control of all the necessary components to deliver on your promise - neither do they. They’re waiting on suppliers, shipping, sub-components, etc. If anything goes wrong (Murphy anyone?) along the way, all the plans go out the window.


I have a press that works for now as finnicky as it may be however it would be awesome to see some kind of pictures of the software or something at all. Radio silence for a few months after getting everyone hyped is a bummer.


I’ll touch base with the team get you guys an update ASAP!


We’re currently working on building our production line, still on schedule to ship early deposits May/June!

Reminder that Titan 25T machines will be shipped in the order the deposit was placed, with the earliest deposits shipping first.


Is any more content coming out about the software etc?

Here is my opinion, and far be it from me to tell a company how to do business, but with that said here are some suggestions.

  1. Show us some pics of the assembly line. it has been radio silence since initial deposit on opening day. no new videos or pics or anything.
  2. Give us a video of the controls. You have a machine that works in the video so have somebody walk us through a simple set up.
  3. What is the concept on how this is gonna show up? in a crate. strapped to a pallet. delivered by Ace Ventura at the start of the movie?
  4. whats the updates with tooling? availability? I saw a questionnaire on thoughts and sets but nothing firm. What are the updates with that?
  5. First come first serve is great. What does that mean? what number am I in line. 3 minutes in I had deposit made but is this like buying Taylor Swift tickets and I am number 8,675,309th if we ask can you tell us? at least a range?
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I am guessing you just made that number up… If this is really you order # get out your lawn chair you will be waiting a while. Looking at order numbers of others who have posted for the Titan, the earliest look to be around 67,400 range. I would guess most orders on the PRI release date were Titans but order numbers aren’t exclusive to the Titan… It includes orders for all Langmuir products and warranty items as well.

If that is your order number, there will be plenty of videos of others operating their machines long before yours arrives.

Good luck, I am envious of your new toy!


My number is 67420 for the Titan. That number is within 1 sec of going live. I had the screen pulled and kept refreshing it until it worked.


Lawn chair hell, better set up a hammock…


Ha!! I have older siblings that may have caught that reference… but I had to look it up. Give Jenny a call and see if she can help? :wink: :joy: :rofl:

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damn, shots fired. I guess I showed my age.
back to the core of my post. I wish Langmuir would post something to keep us updated. I dont think it would be risking IP to show us the production line. OR maybe show us another cool project or even a quick interview video with the project manager sharing some deets on the progress. from what I gather and this is purely from watching the few videos. you use the foot pedal to close the dies, then grab the handlebars to keep your hands out of the pinch zones to complete the bend cycle?


Tool show. I don’t think you are that far behind. They may have sold ten or so at the tool show. Your number reflects two months of limit switches and other stuff being sold.


Lets hope so. on the thread where everyone puts up the order number I am about in the middle of those posted. It would be cool if they (Langmuir) would put up a list of T25 order number priority.