UN-reasonable facsimile thereof

I’m just gonna put this here and yall tell me what ya think about it. Came across this awhile ago. I don’t want it, I’m just like, wow really?

Perfect example of Chinese company stealing patents from American companies. Even if they are one of Langmuirs suppliers, they change one part and start selling. I’m sure Langmuir is just thrilled about this.


Yeah that’s almost more than a facsimile. There’s a lot of components that look like they may have been built in the same plant.
Even the red anodized is the same on the bearing blocks.
The electronics enclosure is even the exact same minus the silk screening.

There is a manual in that link that goes into a little bit more.
Quite the Bladen copy.

Edit… searching some more, looks like there’s a few companies that reproduce different variants of the crossfire.

Here is a assembly video from over a year ago

The smartcut 2200

I found two different brands the make wellcut and Huawei


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess…

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That torch overhang it huge! I didn’t notice a corresponding offset in the rail positions so they’re bound to lose at least 100mm of Y workspace.

So how much of our machines is made overseas? I figured the stepper motors, screws, and cables…

I figure it made almost 100% in China. Hell everything is made there now. We are in real trouble if we don’t get on the ball.
I almost sure the company that makes this is probably or a spin off of the Langmuir supplier. Our legal system can’t protect us from this crap.

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They didn’t steal a patient from the company. Nor are any of the linear systems patentable. This is why you don’t see the patient claims being advertised any longer. Huawei is a major mfg. They are the actual manufacturers for many of the crossfire components. The shipping/import manifests are even public. Why do you think there was supply issues and long wait lists for simple crossfire components? Why do you think the “Chinese” components are 100% identical with the original crossfire? Even the motor cables are the same. The mounting holes are identical for the drivers. Where do you see claims that the crossfire are mfg in America? It’s an assumption originating from the marketing. Huawei came out with v2 before the “pro” table was even released and they are agin nearly identical except for the z axis. Like it or not…your burning on white label chines made equipment.

Nearly all of it . At least the original cross fire. It’s kinda comical that you guys actually believe this is are identical “knock-offs” when they are the MFG source of your table…:rofl: I mean Langmuir shoes phots of the linear systems in racks but have you ever seen the bearing blocks being machines? The square gives being cut/drilled/punched? You even seen a powder coat line? No just assembly or at least assembled components.

Hey what ever makes you sleep better…
But exposure to this fact has been long over due since most purchase the table believing it’s American made.

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Do you actually think Langmuir would ink a contract with whoever makes this thing without a non competition clause?
You know damn well that they care zero about our laws and patents. They just fire up a new name for their company and start selling.
Have approved patent many years ago and spent 100k plus trying to stop them. Won in court and never saw a dime of my judgment.
Two weeks later they fired up a new company and started selling again.


I recently bought a used plasma table. It sat in the box for a couple of years before the guy decided to sell it. It’s almost identical to the Crossfire. The differences are in the electronics and the X axis has a ball bearing support that rides on a linear rail. Mine also has a motorized torch height control and a dedicated “Starfire” control. It was manufactured by Huawei and came with an 80 amp Huawei plasma cutter with a P80 machine torch. Oh, and a water table. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’d add some photos, but I don’t see how.

The arrow is pointing at the upload button


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I’m sure its a nice machine. Hopefully it will works flawlessly for you. I’m not sure about the Starfire program? You may need to learn basic Mandarin to talk to technical support.

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I have one. It doesn’t lose working envelope, but the water table is offset from the working area.


I was looking at a Crossfire, but I couldn’t pass this up. The Starfire control does take some getting used to. It ignores half the G-code and uses settings in the control for pierce delay, torch height, feed rate, and some other things I can’t remember right now. I am seriously considering lengthening one axis to 50". I’ve only had it a couple of weeks, so I am still getting used to it. I am a machinist and use Fusion 360 daily. This is very different.

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I have actually used email tech support a few of times. Once to get the control to use English and again to change it from metric to inches. They responded in a business day with the requested info. I also asked for a firmware file to update it because when in inches, it won’t take a feed rate over 4 IPM, so I had to revert it to metric where it works as it should. They sent the firmware, but it was the same version, so the problem persists. i am considering converting it to Linuxcnc plasma. Here are some photos of the electronics box.

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You may be able to get the langmuir drivers and use Mach or FireControl?

It would need the breakout board. I did buy a red board for Mach3, but I wouldn’t know where to get a board for Firecontrol. Langmuir would probably frown on it. It is sexy software, though.

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I get it. There are some pretty crafty people here on the forum.