Trying to figure out why all of a sudden I am getting this

A couple years ago I had this problem and I cannot remember for the life of me what caused it same problem happening again my Pierce delay is set on 500 milliseconds. it is doing this on the same holes repetitively on the same type of cuts on the same drawings it doesn’t matter what I do keeps doing it it seems to be getting worse or more delayed… See photos

Here’s an older thread of yours… Was this one related?

Or, maybe this one?

Just trying to jog old memories hopefully…


Increase your pierce delay

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What I cannot figure out about this is it seems to be only on certain drawings/G-CODE files., Some of my drawings it doesn’t do this at all. None of my settings, pierce delay, or anything else has changed… These are all on things I cut on a very regular basis.

Looks like you have a lead in but no lead out on that first pic? Something has changed. Post process the files again and see what happens. It looks exactly like too short of a pierce delay.

What’s your software setup? You on the OG crossfire and Mach 3?

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My money is on pierce delay

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