Vipercut 30i What is going wrong here?

When I first started using this table I was getting fairly decent cuts hardly any cleanup now for some reason I can barely cut through .100 aluminum. Aluminum is all I work with. Started out having problems with hole quality and slot quality with smaller dimensions like the slots in the photo. Those slots are 1/8 in wide. Was cutting at 100 to 110 IPM not much better, this cut is at 75 IPM. This is with brand new .08 tip and electrode with .060 shim. Everything seems to be level and square, and material is flat on slats. No matter what I do I cannot seem to get a good cut. looking for suggestions… Hopefully @langmuir-daniel will chime in…

How old is your tip? Sorry just read it again new tip

What’s the dessicant look like in your air dryer? It may need to be refreshed.

Air still set correctly?

Tip on correctly? Swirl ring too? Check the little holes in the swirl ring to make sure the air exists with a clockwise spin.

120psi large upright 65 gallon 165psi compressor. No dryer yet have a moisture trap at compressor and the one on torch. I blew them out full compressor cycle before every cut. How do you check the swirl ring?

Am i reading that right ? your using 120 psi cutting from a 65 gallon compressor with a max of 165 psi?

@jamesdhatch yes that is correct

@jimt sorry. yes that is correct

Thats a lot of air. did you try around 75 psi?

No I have not, but I will. I just figured the more the merrier and let 'er fly… Lol. Never thought about to much air…

I am using the same cutter. 75 psi works great for me over all

Makes sense now, duh. Explains why I am blowing out all my finer cuts and details… Thank you for your help.

Yep. That’s what’s recommended. Some cutters have an air limiter inside but not all. For really thin stuff sometimes I have to ratchet that down into the 50s range to prevent blowout.

@jimt how fast do you normally cut something like.100 aluminum?

never have. 16 - 14 g metal i run 80 to 100 ipm

Ok, thx @jimt for your help. Try this out tomorrow after I get back from buying a new dryer

Your welcome and good luck.

Okay I’m back with an update. Installed a desiccant air dryer 1 water trap vertical drop drain line and rerouted my air lines for efficiency and to remove the chance of any water which I have succeeded at. Changed to newchip electrode and swirl ring running 75 PSI at .065 shim 100 IPM first cut pictured below… WHY???

Odd. Im sure you had it grounded. What amps were you using? And are you using a drag tip by chance? Wich would cause your .065 to be considerably more. Sorry for the Qs but its the only way to narrow it down.

Yes it is grounded using the clamp that came with the torch vipercut 30i. No drag tip using the chip that came with the torch… I don’t get it I can’t figure out what is suddenly causing this problem. I’ve cut about 30 things before this with no problems and very little cleanup.

I guess im stumped on it. Last time mine did a cut like that the electrode was trashed, But I see you had new ones . Time to think on it all.

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