Touch Portal Wireless Remote

This is just an info post for anybody interested. I’ve been wanting a remote to jog the table to help with setting up zero alignment. I came across software called Touch Portal which will allow me to make buttons and assign them to keystrokes or mouse clicks. It’s very powerful and has many other functions for controlling just about anything on a computer. This may be old news to some but It’s new to me. I set it up to jog, start and stop, dry run, zero axis, and a few other commands. It can control every function of Firecontrol if you want it to. It runs over wifi. I set up a router just for it. Only has the pc and tablet networked, no internet. The software has a free version but the pro license is only $14 and gives a lot more functions.
I’ll post a few screen shots and hopefully someone will find this useful.


Oh, I like !!! May just have to give this one a go… Got an old phone just looking for something to do !!!

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now that is cool and new here!!!


Thanks for sharing. Just bought the Pro version and installed it on an old Android phone.

Good deal. I hear the usb connection is not as good as wifi. I haven’t tried it, that’s just the general consensus.

I have been playing around with this a little and there does not seem to be a way to get a continuous jog. There is no way to simulate a press and hold either with mouse click or key press. Are you just using the step function?

If there is a way, can you please enlighten?

To make the machine continuous jog while you hold down a button, the button has to programmed to hold. When setting up a button, there are 3 tabs to choose from “On press, on event and on hold” You have to enter the function under the “on hold” tab. This will continuously execute the function as long as the button is pressed.

This is how I set mine. It jogs while holding and also changes the button color to yellow.

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Thanks. My problem was testing my programming with cursor movement instead of being plugged into the table, which obviously did not behave the same. Too lazy to walk out to the shop.

Thanks again.

can you give a crash course on how it to set it up? i downloaded both the desktop and mobile versions and they are connected but now i need to create the buttons. is there a way to export the button mapping?

In order for a page export to work, you would have to have the same device or at least the same aspect ratio mobile device. In addition, the Hotkey related buttons would work, but the Mouse Click buttons would have coordinates associated with the size and aspect ratio of my computer screen.

As an example, I used an old iPad Air Gen 1 and got all the buttons I wanted on one screen. You probably would not be able to do this with a phone and still be functional.

Here are some exported individual buttons to get you started. You can duplicate and change them as needed. There is one mouse click button, 10 IPM, edit and copy to work with your computer. Credit @RAMtech for his assistance above.
Touch Portal (4.3 KB)


Are you saying all these buttons use hotkeys except 10 IPM? I was only aware of 12 key commands.

There are lots of videos on YouTube that show how to make buttons. I haven’t seen one specifically related to plasma tables but the concept and functions are the same. The Torch Portal website also has a lot of information. It is a complex software but the plasma table only uses the simplest of all commands.


No. The 10 IPM Button is the only Mouse Click Button I included in the Zip file as an example.


ok i think i got the jest of it but only problem i see is that it lags. there’s about .5-1 sec delay from when i press a button on my device to when it actually does something on the table. it’s not instant. not sure if it’s supposed to be.

You have to have a good WIFI connection to both devices. I had the same problem until I moved an extra router into the shop. Now it is instantaneous.


OK, I might have to do that as well. it’s too laggy otherwise.

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I set up a separate router just for this. It only connects my plasma pc and tablet running Touch Portal. No Internet or other devices. Response seems instant.

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This is awesome and worked easily. Now I can run the table from my phone rather than figuring out how to install a different device (game controller). Thanks for sharing!