Torch speed around corners and radiuses

Newbie here, I’m running a Crossfire Pro with an Everlast 82i and IPTM-80 CNC machine torch, this was cutting 3/8" mild steel at 55 amp, 30 ipm, 70psi, with a 1.2m nozzle. I was playing around with my feed rate and got a really nice smooth cut with little dross on either side. The outside corners and radiuses leave something to be desired though, it’s taking too much material on radiuses and tapering the corners bad. I noticed on the radiuses the feed rate slowed drastically, I’m assuming this is what caused this. From the reading of done, I believe it has something to do with the feed rate optimization settings, I just don’t know where to begin with making adjustments. Forgive me if this has been asked and answered already, I’d be happy to go check out a post if there is already one on this topic. I searched but didn’t see what I was looking for.

What program are you using for CAM?

Fusion 360

I think I talk about feed optimization in this overview video.

I like to do 50% of The cutting speed 60% of The cutting speed for feed rate optimization.


Thanks TinWhisperer, I’ll try that. I just looked at my settings from when I created the file and I had Feed Optimization checked and the reduced feed rate was set to 7.5 ipm. I’m guessing that excessively slow speed created a wider kerf on the radiuses.


@TinWhisperer - Thank you for sharing your preferred feed rate %, but a little clarification.

Is this a typo, or 50% cutting speed for one operation, and 60% for optimization?

ETA - and of course, you show how to do a thing real quick that I stumble through doing 10 other operations to get the same result.

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Sorry I voice to texted that not very good.

50 to 60% speed reduction for feed optimization.


That video should be on the Langmuir video’s section for new owners learning Fusion. Lots of good stuff in that 4+ minutes.

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Thank, the video is a little dated now it was part of the older collection of videos on LOOM I made back in the day.

I moved most of it over to YouTube.

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Are you using OBS now to create your videos?

In the medical world that is Obstructed Bowel Syndrome. I am going to need to get a new vernacular.

Yes OBS it is great broadcasting software.

The options are unlimited.

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also Old Body Style when referrin’ to Ferd trucks…

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